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There is this of good in real evils, they deliver us while they last from the petty despotism of all that were imaginary.
      - Charles Caleb Colton

All evils are equal when they are extreme.
  [Fr., Et tous maux sont pareils alors qu'ils sont extremes.]
      - Pierre Corneille, Horace (III, 4)

Three sparks--pride, envy, and avarice--have been kindled in all hearts.
  [It., Superbia, invidia ed avarizia sono
    Le tre faville che hanno i cori accesi.]
      - Dante ("Dante Alighieri"), Inferno
         (VI, 74)

We cannot do evil to others without doing it to ourselves.
      - Joseph Francis Eduard Desmahis

The aphorism "Whatever is, is right," would be as final as it is lazy, did it not include the troublesome consequence that nothing that ever was, was wrong.
      - Charles Dickens

Preventives of evil are far better than remedies; cheaper and easier of application, and surer in result.
      - Tryon Edwards

The first evil choice or act is linked to the second; and each one to the one that follows, both by the tendency of our evil nature and by the power of habit, which holds us as by a destiny.
      - Tryon Edwards

It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil spirit of man.
      - Albert Einstein

Every evil to which we do not succumb is a benefactor. As the Sandwich islander believes that the strength and valor of the enemy he kills passes into himself, so we gain the strength of the temptations we resist.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Evil is merely privative, not absolute: it is like cold, which is the privation of beat.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The first lesson of history is the good of evil.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of two evils choose the least.
  [Lat., E duobus malis minimum eligendum.]
      - Desiderius Gerhard Erasmus, Adages

Is the scrupulous attention I am paying to the government of my tongue at all proportioned to that tremendous truth revealed through St. James, that if I do not bridle my tongue, all my religion is vain?
      - Rev. Frederick William Faber

The sins we do, people behold with optics,
  Which shew them ten times more than common vices,
    And often multiply them.
      - John William Fletcher

What we call evil is simply ignorance bumping its head in the dark.
      - Henry Ford, in the London "Observer"

If you, do what you should not, you must bear what you would not.
      - Benjamin Franklin

The Evil One has left, the evil ones remain.
  [Ger., Den Bosen sind sie los, die Bosen sind geblieben.]
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust
         (I, 6, 174)

Evil report carries further than any applause.
      - Baltasar Gracian (used pseudonym Lorenzo Gracian)

Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.
      - Baltasar Gracian (used pseudonym Lorenzo Gracian)

There is no evil in human affairs that has not some good mingled with it.
  [It., Non e male alcuno nelle cose umane che non abbia congiunto seco qualche bene.]
      - Franceso Guicciardini, Storia d'Italia

Keep clear of personalities in conversation. Talk of things, objects, thoughts. The smallest minds occupy themselves with persons. Do not needlessly report ill of others. As far as possible, dwell on the good side of human beings. There are family boards where a constant process of depreciating, assigning motives, and cutting up character goes forward. They are not pleasant places. One who is healthy does not wish to dine at a dissecting table. There is evil enough in man, God knows. But it is not the mission of every young man and woman to detail and report it all. Keep the atmosphere as pure as possible, and fragrant with gentleness and charity.
      - John Hall

That which the French proverb hath of sickness is true of all evils, that they come on horseback, and go away on foot; we have often seen a sudden fall or one meal's surfeit hath stuck by many to their graves; whereas pleasures come like oxen, slow, and heavily, and go away like post-horses, upon the spur.
      - Joseph Hall

It is a proof of our natural bias to evil, that gain is slower and harder than loss in all things good; but in all things bad getting is quicker and easier than getting rid of.
      - Augustus William Hare

When will talkers refrain from evil speaking? When listeners refrain from evil hearing. At present there are many so credulous of evil, they will receive suspicions and impressions against persons whom they don't know, from a person whom they do know--an authority good for nothing.
      - Augustus William Hare

He who does evil that good may come, pays a toll to the devil to let him into heaven.
      - A.W. Hare and J.C. Hare, Guesses at Truth
         (p. 444)

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