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Up the airy mountain,
  Down the rushy glen,
    We daren't go a-hunting
      For fear of little men;
        Wee folk, good folk,
          Trooping all together,
            Green jacket, red cap,
              And white owl's feather!
      - William Allingham, The Fairies

"No. You see children know such a lot now, they soon don't believe in fairies, and every time a child says, 'I don't believe in fairies,' there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead."
      - Sir James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

She was saying that she thought she could get well again if children believed in fairies.
  . . . .
    "If you believe," he shouted to them, "clap your hands; don't let Tink die."
      - Sir James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

"You see, Wendy, when the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies."
      - Sir James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

Bright Eyes, Light Eyes! Daughter of a Fay!
  I had not been a married wife a twelvemonth and a day,
    I had not nursed my little one a month upon my knee,
      When down among the blue bell banks rose elfins three times three:
        They griped me by the raven hair, I could not cry for fear,
          They put a hempen rope around my waist and dragged me here;
            They made me sit and give thee suck as mortal mothers can,
              Bright Eyes, Light Eyes! strange and weak and wan!
      - Robert Williams Buchanan,
        The Fairy Foster Mother

To pass their lives on fountains and on flowers, and never know the weight of human hours.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron)

The maskers come late, and I think will stay, like fairies, till the cock crow them away.
      - Dr. John Donne

He put his acorn-helmet on;
  It was plum'd of the silk of the thistle down;
    The corselet plate, that guarded his breast,
      Was once the wild bees' golden vest;
        His cloak, of a thousand mingled dyes,
          Was form'd of the wings of butterflies;
            His shield was the shell of a lady-bug queen,
              Studs of gold on a ground of green;
                And the quivering lance which he brandish'd bright,
                  Was the sting of a wasp he had slain in fight.
      - Joseph Rodman Drake

Her mantle was the purple roll'd
  At twilight in the west afar;
    'Twas tied with threads of dawning gold
      And button'd with a sparkling star.
      - Joseph Rodman Drake

The palace of the sylphid queen--
  Its spiral columns, gleaming bright,
    Were streamers of the northern light;
      Its curtain's light and lovely flush
        Was of the morning's rosy blush;
          And the ceiling fair that rose aboon,
            The white and feathery fleece of noon.
      - Joseph Rodman Drake

Their harps are of the amber shade,
  That hides the blush of waking day,
    And every gleamy string is made
      Of silvery moonshine's lengthen'd ray.
      - Joseph Rodman Drake

Their little minim forms arrayed in all the tricksy pomp of fairy pride.
      - Joseph Rodman Drake

Be secret and discreet; the fairy favors are lost when not concealed.
      - John Dryden

Then take me on your knee, mother;
  And listen, mother of mine.
    A hundred fairies danced last night,
      And the harpers they were nine.
      - Mary Howitt, The Fairies of the Caldon Low

Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom. It is as true as sunbeams.
      - Douglas William Jerrold,
        Specimens of Jerrold's Wit--Fairy Tales

Wherever is love and loyalty, great purposes and lofty souls, even though in a hovel or a mine, there is fairyland.
      - Charles Kingsley

It is not children only that one feeds with fairy tales.
  [Ger., Nicht die Kinder bloss speist man mit Marchen ab.]
      - Ephraim Gotthold Lessing, Nathan der Weise
         (III, 6)

Oft fairy elves,
  Whose midnight revels by a forest side,
    Of fountain, some belated peasant sees,
      Or dreams he sees, while o'erhead the moor
        Sits arbitress, and nearer to the earth,
          Wheels her pale course, they on their mirth and dance
            Intent, with jocund music charm his ear;
              At once with joy and fear his heart rebounds.
      - John Milton

On the tawny sands and shelves trip the pert fairies and the dapper elves.
      - John Milton

. . . Or fairy elves,
  Whose midnight revels by a forest side
    Or fountain, some belated peasant sees,
      Or dreams he sees, while overhead the Moon
        Sits arbitress, and nearer to the Earth
          Wheels her pale course; they, on their mirth and dance
            Intent, with jocund music charm his ear;
              At once with joy and fear his heart rebounds.
      - John Milton, Paradise Lost (bk. I, l. 781)

Did you ever hear
  Of the frolic fairies dear?
    They're a blessed little race,
      Peeping up in fancy's face,
        In the valley, on the hill,
          By the fountain and the rill;
            Laughing out between the leaves
              That the loving summer weaves.
      - Frances Sargent Osgood

About this spring of ancient fame say true,
  The dapper elves their moonlight sports renew;
    Their pigmy king and little fairy queen
      In circling dances gamboll'd on the green,
        With tuneful sprites a merry concert made,
          And airy music warbled through the shade.
      - Alexander Pope

The dances ended, all the fairy train
  For pinks and daisies search'd the flow'ry plain.
      - Alexander Pope, January and May (l. 624)

Fairies use flowers for their charactery.
      - William Shakespeare

In silence sad,
  Trip we after the night's shade;
    We the globe can compass soon,
      Swifter than the wand'ring moon.
      - William Shakespeare

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