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Fashion, leader of a chatt'ring train,
  Whom man for his own hurt permits to reign
    Who shifts and changes all things but his shape,
      And would degrade her vot'ry to an ape,
        The fruitful parent of abuse and wrong,
          Holds a usurp'd dominion o'er his tongue,
            There sits and prompts him with his own disgrace,
              Prescribes the theme, the tone, and the grimace,
                And when accomplish'd in her wayward school,
                  Calls gentleman whom she has made a fool.
      - William Cowper

Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.
      - Quentin Crisp

Fashionability is a kind of elevated vulgarity.
      - George Darley

Squinting upon the lustre
  Of the rich Rings which on his fingers glistre;
    And, snuffing with a wrythed nose the Amber,
      The Musk and Civet that perfum'd the chamber.
      - Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas,
        Divine Weekes and Workes
         (second week, third day, pt. III)

As soon as fashion is universal, it is out of date.
      - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

I have been told by persons of experience in matters of taste, that the fashions follow a law of gradation, and are never arbitrary. The new mode is always only a step onward in the same direction as the last mode; and a cultivated eye is prepared for and predicts the new fashion.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Manners have been somewhat cynically defined to be a contrivance of wise men to keep fools at a distance. Fashion is shrewd to detect those who do not belong to her train, and seldom wastes her attentions. Society is very swift in its instincts, and if you do not belong to it, resists and sneers at you, or quietly drops you.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thus grows up fashion, an equivocal semblance, the most puissant, the most fantastic and frivolous, the most feared and followed, and which morals and violence assault in vain.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fashion is the bastard of vanity, dressed by art.
      - Henry Fuseli

While fashion's brightest arts decoy, the heart, distrusting, asks if this be joy.
      - Oliver Goldsmith

We laugh heartily to see a whole flock of sheep jump because one did so. Might not one imagine that superior beings do the same, and for exactly the same reason?
      - Sir Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke, Lord Brooke

Fashion is an odd jumble of contradictions, of sympathies and antipathies. It exists only by its being participated among a certain number of persons, and its essence is destroyed by being communicated to a greater number. * * * Fashion constantly begins and ends in the two things it abhors most,--singularity and vulgarity.
      - William Hazlitt (1)

Fashion is gentility running away from vulgarity and afraid of being overtaken.
      - William Hazlitt (1)

Fashion is the abortive issue of vain ostentation and exclusive egotism: it is haughty, trifling, affected, servile, despotic, mean and ambitious, precise and fantastical, all in a breath,--tied to no rule, and bound to conform to every whim of the moment.
      - William Hazlitt (1)

Fashion is aristocratic-autocratic.
      - Josiah Gilbert Holland (used pseudonym Timothy Titcomb)

Fashion is not public opinion, or the result of embodiment of public opinion. It may be that public opinion will condemn the shape of a bonnet, as it may venture to do always, and with the certainty of being right nine times in ten: but fashion will place it upon the head of every woman in America; and, were it literally a crown of thorns, she would smile contentedly beneath the imposition.
      - Josiah Gilbert Holland (used pseudonym Timothy Titcomb)

The Empress of France had but to change the position of a ribbon to set all the ribbons in Christendom to rustling. A single word from her convulsed the whalebone market of the world.
      - Josiah Gilbert Holland (used pseudonym Timothy Titcomb)

Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.
      - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

As the eye becomes blinded by fashion to positive deformity, so, through social conventionalism, the conscience becomes blinded to positive immorality.
      - Mrs. Anna Brownell Jameson

Avoid singularity. There may often be less vanity in following the new modes than in adhering to the old ones. It is true that the foolish invent them, but the wise may conform to, instead of contradicting, them.
      - Joseph Joubert

A fashionable woman is always in love--with herself.
      - Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

Be neither too early in the fashion, nor too long out of it; nor at any time in the extremes of it.
      - Johann Kaspar Lavater (John Caspar Lavater)

He alone is a man who can resist the genius of the age, the tone of fashion, with vigorous simplicity and modest courage.
      - Johann Kaspar Lavater (John Caspar Lavater)

A woman would be in despair if Nature had formed her as fashion makes her appear.
      - Mademoiselle Julie Jeanne Eleonore de l'Espinasse

Fashion is, for the most part, nothing but the ostentation of riches.
      - John Locke (1)

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