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We are taught to clothe our minds, as we do our bodies, after the fashion in vogue; and it is accounted fantastical or something worse, not to do so.
      - John Locke (1)

Fashion being the art of those who must purchase notice at some cheaper rate than that of being beautiful, loves to do rash and extravagant things. She must be forever new, or she becomes insipid.
      - James Russell Lowell

Those who seem to load the public taste are, in general, merely outrunning it in the direction which it is spontaneously pursuing.
      - Thomas Babington Macaulay

We ought always to conform to the manners of the greater number, and so behave as not to draw attention to ourselves. Excess either way shocks, and every man truly wise ought to attend to this in his dress as well as language, never to be affected in anything and follow without being in too great haste the changes of fashion.
      - Moliere (pseudonym of Jean Baptiste Poquelin)

It is the rule of rules, and the general law of all laws, that every person should observe those of the place where he is.
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Fashion is more usually a gentle progression of revisited ideas.
      - Bruce Oldfield,
        in the London "Independent"

The coat of the buffalo never pinches under the arm, never puckers at the shoulders; it is always the same, yet never old fashioned nor out of date.
      - Theodore Parker

Fashion is a tyrant from which nothing frees us. We must suit ourselves to its fantastic tastes. But being compelled to live under its foolish laws, the wise man is never the first to follow, nor the last to keep it.
      - Blaise Pascal

Women cherish fashion because it rejuvenates them, or at least renews them.
      - Madame de Preizeux

Our dress still varying, nor to forms confined,
  Shifts like the sands, the sport of every wind.
      - Sextus Aurelius Propertius

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.
      - Gilda Radner

Lie ten nights awake carving the fashion of a new doublet.
      - William Shakespeare

Seest thou not, I say, what a deformed thief this fashion is, how giddily he turns about all the hot bloods between fourteen and five-and-thirty?
      - William Shakespeare

The glass of fashion and the mould of form,
  The observ'd of all observers.
      - William Shakespeare

The courtier's, soldier's, scholar's, eye, tongue, sword,
  Th' expectancy and rose of the fair state,
    The glass of fashion and the mould of form,
      Th' observed of all observers, quite, quite down!
      - William Shakespeare,
        Hamlet Prince of Denmark
         (Ophelia at III, i)

You, sir, I entertain for one of my hundred; only I do not like the fashion of your garments.
      - William Shakespeare, King Lear
         (King Lear at III, vi)

All this I see; and I see that the fashion wears out more apparel than the man. But art not thou thyself giddy with the fashion too, that thou hast shifted out of thy tale into telling me of the fashion?
      - William Shakespeare,
        Much Ado About Nothing
         (Conrade at III, iii)

Death my lord,
  Their clothes are after such a pagan cut to 't
    That sure th' have worn out Christendom.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life of King Henry the Eighth
         (Chamberlain at I, iii)

New customs,
  Though they be never so ridiculous
    (Nay, let 'em be unmanly), yet are followed.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life of King Henry the Eighth
         (Sandys at I, iii)

I'll be at charges for a looking-glass
  And entertain a score or two of tailors
    To study fashions to adorn my body:
      Since I am crept in favor with myself,
        I will maintain it with some little cost.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Tragedy of King Richard the Third
         (King Richard at I, ii)

Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity; and fashion will drive them to acquire any custom.
      - George Bernard Shaw

Fashions, after all, are only induced epidemics.
      - George Bernard Shaw

The novelties of one generation are only the resuscitated fashions of the generation before last.
      - George Bernard Shaw,
        Three Plays for Puritans (preface)

Fashion is a great restraint upon your persons of taste and fancy; who would otherwise in the most trifling instances be able to distinguish themselves from the vulgar.
      - William Shenstone

You cannot be both fashionable and first-rate.
      - Logan Pearsall Smith

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