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God is the light which, never seen itself, makes all things visible, and clothes itself in colors. Thine eye feels not its ray, but thine heart feels its warmth.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

How calmly may we commit ourselves to the hands of Him who bears up the world,--of Him who has created, and who provides for the joys even of insects, as carefully as if He were their father.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

So long as the word "God" endures in a language will it direct the eyes of men upwards. It is with the Eternal as with the sun, which, if but its smallest part can shine uneclipsed prolongs the day, and gives its rounded image in the dark chamber.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

The deepest experience of the creator is feminine, for it is experience of receiving and bearing.
      - Rainer Marie Rilke

God's highest gifts--talent, beauty, feeling, imagination, power--they carry with them the possibility of the highest heaven and the lowest hell. Be sure that it is by that which is highest in you that you may be lost.
      - Frederick William Robertson

God's justice and love are one. Infinite justice must be infinite love. Justice is but another sign of love.
      - Frederick William Robertson

God's truth is too sacred to be expounded to superficial worldliness in its transient fit of earnestness.
      - Frederick William Robertson

Give us a God--a living God,
  One to wake the sleeping soul,
    One to cleanse the tainted blood
      Whose pulses in our bosoms roll.
      - Charles George Rosenberg, The Winged Horn
         (st. 7)

God is a shower to the heart burned up with grief; God is a sun to the face deluged with tears.
      - Joseph Roux

God often visits us, but most of the time we are not at home.
      - Joseph Roux

Philosophers call God "the great unknown." "The great mis-known" would be more correct.
      - Joseph Roux

Since, in possessing You, we possess all if we had nothing else, and in not possessing You we have nothing if we had all the rest, oh, my God! I will love You that I may possess You upon earth; and I will possess You that I may love You one day in heaven.
      - Joseph Roux

From God derived, to God by nature join'd.
  We act the dictates of His mighty mind:
    And though the priests are mute and temples still,
      God never wants a voice to speak His will.
      - Nicholas Rowe

God alone can finish.
      - John Ruskin

God shows us in Himself, strange as it may seem, not only authoritative perfection, but even the perfection of obedience--an obedience to His own laws; and in the cumbrous movement of those unwieldiest of his creatures we are reminded, even in His divine essence, of that attribute of uprightness in the human creature "that sweareth to his own hurt and changeth not."
      - John Ruskin

Our God is a household God, as well as a heavenly one. He has an altar in every man's dwelling; let men look to it when they rend it lightly, and pour out its ashes.
      - John Ruskin

There is nothing so small but that we may honor God by asking His guidance of it, or insult Him by taking it into our own hands; and what is true of the Deity is equally true of His revelation.
      - John Ruskin,
        The Seven Lamps of Architecture

The difficulty is old, but none the less real. An omnipotent being who created a world containing evil not due to sin must Himself be at least partially evil.
      - Bertrand Arthur William Russell

There is nothing left to us but to see how we may be approved of Him, and how we may roll the weight of our weak souls in well-doing upon Him, who is God omnipotent.
      - Samuel Rutherford

I fear God, and next to God, I chiefly fear him who fears Him not.
      - Moslih Eddin (Muslih-un-Din) Saadi (Sadi)

We may scavenge the dross of the nation, we may shudder past bloody sod,
  But we thrill to the new revelation that we are parts of God.
      - Robert Haven Schauffler, New Gods for Old

There is a God to punish and avenge.
  [Ger., Es lebt ein Gott zu strafen und zu rachen.]
      - Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller,
        Wilhelm Tell (IV, 3, 37)

Of what consequence is it that anything should be concealed from man? Nothing is hidden from God; He is present in our minds and comes into the midst of our thoughts. Comes, do I say?--as if He were ever absent!
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Nothing is void of God; He Himself fills His work.
  [Lat., Nihil ab illo [i.e., a Deo] vacat; opus suum ipse implet.]
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca),
        De Beneficiis, IV, 8

God is not to be worshipped with sacrifices and blood; for what pleasure can He have in the slaughter of the innocent? but with a pure mind, a food and honest purpose. Temples are not to be built for Him with stones piled on high; God is to be consecrated in the breast of each.
  [Lat., Deum non immolationibus et sanguine multo colendum: quae enim ex trucidatione immerentium voluptas est? sed mente pura, bono honestoque proposito. Non templa illi, congestis in altitudinem saxis, struenda sunt; in suo cuique consecrandus est pectore.]
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca), Fragment
         (V, 204)

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