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God said, "Let us make man in our image." Man said, "Let us make God in our image."
      - Douglas William Jerrold

From thee, great God, we spring, to thee we tend,--
  Path, motive, guide, original. and end.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature"),
        Motto to The Rambler (no. 7)

We find in God all the excellences of light, truth, wisdom, greatness, goodness and life. Light gives joy and gladness; truth gives satisfaction; wisdom gives learning and instruction; greatness excites admiration; goodness produces love and gratitude; life gives immortality and insures enjoyment.
      - William Jones of Nayland

Space is the statue of God.
      - Joseph Joubert

The God of metaphysics is but an idea. But the God of religion, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sovereign Judge of actions and thoughts, is a power.
      - Joseph Joubert

We know God easily, provided we do not constrain ourselves to define Him.
      - Joseph Joubert

If I make the seven oceans ink, if I make the trees my pen, if I make the earth my paper, the glory of God cannot be written.
      - Kabir

The sun and every vassal star,
  All space, beyond the soar of angel's wings,
    Wait on His word: and yet He stays His car
      For every sigh a contrite suppliant brings.
      - John Keble, Christian Year--Ascension Day

God deceiveth thee not.
      - Thomas a Kempis

God is able to do more than man can understand.
      - Thomas a Kempis

There is no creature so small and abject, that it representeth not the goodness of God.
      - Thomas a Kempis

Man proposes, but God disposes.
  [Lat., Nam homo proponit, sed Deus disponit.]
      - Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ
         (bk. I, ch. XIX),
        (Thomas Dibdin's translation)

The wisdom of the Lord is infinite as are also His glory and His power. Ye heavens, sing His praises; sun, moon, and planets, glorify Him in your ineffable language! Praise Him, celestial harmonies, and all ye who can comprehend them! And thou, my soul, praise thy Creator! It is by Him and in Him that all exist.
      - Johannes Kepler

O God, I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee.
      - Johannes Kepler, When Studying Astronomy

Ah, my friends, we must look out and around to see what God is like. It is when we persist in turning our eyes inward and prying curiously over our own imperfections, that we learn to make God after our own image, and fancy that our own darkness and hardness of heart are the patterns of His light and love.
      - Charles Kingsley

Because I believe in a God of absolute and unbounded love, therefore I believe in a loving anger of His which will and must devour and destroy all which is decayed, monstrous, abortive in His universe till all enemies shall be put under His feet, and God shall be all in all.
      - Charles Kingsley

Do you feel that you have lost your way in life? Then God Himself will show you your way. Are you utterly helpless, worn out, body and soul? Then God's eternal love is ready and willing to help you up, and revive you. Are you wearied with doubts and terrors? Then God's eternal light is ready to show you your way; God's eternal peace ready to give you peace. Do you feel yourself full of sins and faults? Then take heart; for God's unchangeable will is, to take away those sins, and purge you from those faults.
      - Charles Kingsley

I believe not only in "special providences," but in the whole universe as one infinite complexity of "special providences."
      - Charles Kingsley

If thou art fighting against thy sins so is God. On thy side is God who made all, and Christ who died for all, and the Holy Spirit who alone gives wisdom, purity, and nobleness.
      - Charles Kingsley

Take comfort, and recollect however little you and I may know, God knows; He knows Himself and you and me and all things; and His mercy is over all His works.
      - Charles Kingsley

Whatever may be the mysteries of life and death, there is one mystery which the cross of Christ reveals to us, and that is the infinite and absolute goodness of God. Let all the rest remain a mystery so long as the mystery of the cross of Christ gives us faith for all the rest.
      - Charles Kingsley

All but God is changing day by day.
      - Charles Kingsley,
        Saint's Tragedy--Prometheus

His pupils were dilated, his words tumbled over each other, and he wrapped himself in quotations--as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of emperors.
      - Rudyard Kipling,
        The Finest Story in the World

Every created thing glorifies God in its place, by fulfilling his will, and the great purpose of his providence; but that he alone can give a tongue to every creature, and pronounce for all a a general doxology.
      - William Kirby,
        The Bridgewater Treatises on the Power Wisdom and Goodness of God
         (treatise VII, vol. 2, ch. XXV, p. 523)

O Thou, above all gods supreme! who broughtest the world out of darkness, and gavest man a heart to feel! By whatsoever name Thou art addressed--God, Father, or Jehovah; the God of Romulus or of Abraham--not the God of one man, but the Father and Judge of all!
      - Friedrich O. Klopstock

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