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It may be that at this moment every battlement of heaven is alive with the redeemed. There is a sainted mother watching for her daughter. Have you no response to that long hushed voice which has prayed for you so often? And for you, young man, are there no voices there that have prayed for you? And are there none whom you promised once to meet again, if not on earth, in heaven?
      - Dwight Lyman Moody

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
      - Thomas Moore

There's nothing true but heaven.
      - Thomas Moore

A Persian's Heaven is eas'ly made,
  'Tis but black eyes and lemonade.
      - Thomas Moore, Intercepted Letters
         (letter VI)

Perfect purity, fullness of joy, everlasting freedom, perfect rest, health and fruition, complete security, substantial and eternal good.
      - Hannah More

Pray for me, as I will for thee, that we may merrily meet in heaven.
      - Sir Thomas More

The way to heaven out of all places is of like length and distance.
      - Sir Thomas More, Utopia

Do we not hear voices, gentle and great, and some of them like the voices of departed friends--do we not hear them saying to us, "Come up hither?"
      - William Mountford (1)

There's nae sorrow there, John,
  There's neither cauld nor care, John,
    The day is aye fair,
      In the land o' the leal.
      - Baroness Carolina Oliphant Nairne,
        The Land o' the Leal

After the fever of life--after wearinesses, sicknesses, fightings and despondings, languor and fretfulness, struggling and failing, struggling and succeeding--after all the changes and chances of this troubled and unhealthy state, at length comes death--at length the white throne of God--at length the beatific vision.
      - Cardinal John Henry Newman

A sea before
  The Throne is spread;--its pure still glass
    Pictures all earth-scenes as they pass.
      We, on its shore,
        Share, in the bosom of our rest,
          God's knowledge, and are blest.
      - Cardinal John Henry Newman,
        A Voice from Afar

In heaven all the interesting people are missing.
      - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

The joy of heaven will begin as soon as we attain the character of heaven, and do its duties.
      - Theodore Parker

In a better world we will find our young years and our old friends.
      - Jean-Antoine Petit-Senn

The song
  Of Heaven is ever new; for daily thus,
    And nightly, new discoveries are made
      Of God's unbounded wisdom, power, and love,
        Which give the understanding larger room,
          And swell the hymn with ever-growing praise.
      - Robert Pollok

I change my place, but not my company. While here I have sometimes walked with God and now I go to rest with Him.
      - Dr. Preston

Rejoice, oh! grieving heart,
  The hours fly past;
    With each some sorrow dies,
      With each some shadow flies,
        Until at last
          The red dawn in the east
            Bids weary night depart,
              And pain is past.
      - Adelaide Anne Procter

Our souls, piercing through the impurity of flesh, behold the highest heaven, and thence bring knowledge to contemplate the ever-during, glory and termless joy.
      - Sir Walter Raleigh (1)

On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.
      - Jules Renard

Yes, thank God! there is rest--many an interval of saddest, sweetest rest--even here, when it seems as if evening breezes from that other land, laden with fragrance, played upon the cheeks, and lulled the heart. There are times, even on the stormy sea, when a gentle whisper breathes softly as of heaven, and sends into the soul a dream of ecstasy which can never again wholly die, even amidst the jar and whirl of daily life. How such whispers make the blood stop and the flesh creep with a sense of mysterious communion! How singularly such moments are the epochs of life--the few points that stand out prominently in the recollection after the flood of years has buried all the rest, as all the low shore disappears, leaving only a few rock points visible at high tide.
      - Frederick William Robertson

It was the rampart of God's house
  That she was standing on;
    By God built over the sheer depth,
      The which is Space begun;
        So high, that looking downward thence,
          She scarce could see the sun.
      - Christina Georgina Rossetti,
        The Blessed Damozel

The blessed Damozel lean'd out
  From the gold bar of Heaven:
    Her eyes knew more of rest and shade
      Of waters still'd at even;
        She had three lilies in her hand,
          And the stars in her hair were seven.
      - Christina Georgina Rossetti,
        The Blessed Damozel,
        (version in Oxford Ed. of "Golden Treasury")

Christ and His cross are not separable in this life, howbeit Christ and His cross part at heaven's door, for there is no house-room for crosses in heaven. One tear, one sigh, one sad heart, one fear, one loss, one thought of trouble cannot find lodging there.
      - Samuel Rutherford

Men have feverishly conceived a heaven only to find it insipid, and a hell to find it ridiculous.
      - George Santayana

Heaven know its time; the bullet has its billet.
      - Sir Walter Scott

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