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For agony and spoil
  Of nations beat to dust,
    For poisoned air and tortured soil
      And cold, commanded lust,
        And every secret woe
          The shuddering waters saw--
            Willed and fulfilled by high and low--
              Let them relearn the Law.
      - Rudyard Kipling, Justice

For heathen heart that puts her trust
  In reeking tube and iron shard--
    All valiant dust that builds on dust,
      And guarding calls not Thee to guard--
        For frantic boast and foolish word,
          Thy mercy on Thy People, Lord!
      - Rudyard Kipling, Recessional

I don't mind your being killed, but I object to your being taken prisoner.
      - Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener (Kitchener of Khartoum),
        to the Prince of Wales during World War I

You are ordered abroad as a soldier of the King to help our French comrades against the invasion of a common enemy. You have to perform a task which will need your courage, your energy, and your patience. Remember that the honor of the British Army depends on your individual conduct. It will be your duty not only to set an example of discipline and perfect steadiness under fire, but also to maintain the most friendly relations with those whom you are helping in this struggle. . . . Do your duty bravely. Fear God and honor the King.
      - Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener (Kitchener of Khartoum),
        a printed address to British Expeditionary Force carried by soldiers during World War I

When under attack, no country is obligated to collect permission slips from allies to strike back.
      - Charles Krauthammer

Civil wars leave nothing but tombs.
      - Alphonse de Lamartine

Kings play at war unfairly with republics; they can only lose some earth, and some creatures they value as little, while republics lose in every soldier a part of themselves.
      - Walter Savage Landor

Friendship itself prompts it (Government of the U.S.) to say to the Imperial Government (Germany) that repetition by the commanders of German naval vessels of acts in contravention of those rights (neutral) must be regarded by the Government of the United States, when they affect American citizens, as deliberately unfriendly.
      - Robert Lansing,
        his reply to the German Lusitania Note

There is no such thing as an inevitable war. If war comes it will be from failure of human wisdom.
      - Rt. Hon. Andrew Bonar Law,
        in a speech made before World War I

I have always believed that success would be the inevitable result if the two services, the army and the navy, had fair play, and if we sent the right man to fill the right place.
      - Sir Henry Austen Layard,
        in a speech to Parliament

When Greeks joined Greeks, then was the tug of war,
  The labored battle sweat, and conquest bled
    . . . . .
      Philip fought men, but Alexander women.
      - Nathaniel Lee,
        The Rival Queens; or, Alexander the Great
         (act IV, sc. 2)

They've got to draw in their horns and stop their aggression, or we're going to bomb them back into the Stone Age.
      - Curtis E. LeMay, Mission with LeMay

O, God assist our side: at least, avoid assisting the enemy and leave the rest to me.
      - Aldo Leopold,
        according to Carlyle "Life of Frederick the Great", bk. XV, ch. XIV

The ballot is stronger than the bullet.
      - Abraham Lincoln

One month too late.
      - Alexander A. von Linsingen,
        remark when told of Italy's declaration of war against Austria in World War I

To arms! to arms! ye brave!
  Th' avenging sword unsheathe,
    March on! march on! all hearts resolved
      On victory or death!
      - Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle

At the Captain's mess, in the Banquet-hall,
  Sat feasting the officers, one and all--
    Like a sabre-blow, like the swing of a sail,
      One raised his glass, held high to hail,
        Sharp snapped like the stroke of a rudder's play,
          Spoke thee words only: "To the day!"
      - Ernst Lissauer, Hassgesang gegen England,
        (Song of Hate against England)

To those to whom war is necessary it is just; and a resort to arms is righteous in those to whom no means of assistance remain except by arms.
  [Lat., Justum est bellum, quibus necessarium; et pia arma, quibus nulla nisi in armis relinquitur opes.]
      - Titus Livy, History (bk. IX, 1)

You need only a show of war to have peace.
  [Lat., Ostendite modo bellum, pacem habebitis.]
      - Titus Livy, History (VI, 18, 7)

God has chosen little nations as the vessels by which He carries His choicest wines to the lips of humanity to rejoice their hearts, to exalt their vision, to strengthen their faith, and if we had stood by when two little nations (Belgium and Serbia) were being crushed and broken by the brutal hands of barbarians, our shame would have rung down the everlasting ages.
      - David Lloyd George,
        in a speech at Queen's Hall

The last 100,000,000 pounds will win.
      - David Lloyd George,
        when Chancellor of the Exchequer at beginning of World War I, see "Everybody's Magazine", Jan. 1918, p. 8

The stern hand of Fate has scourged us to an elevation where we can see the everlasting things that matter for a nation--the great peaks we had forgotten, of Honour, Duty, Patriotism, and clad in glittering white, the pinnacles of Sacrifice, pointing like a rugged finger to Heaven. We shall descend into the valley again; but as long as the men and women of this generation last, they will carry in their hearts the image of these mighty peaks, whose foundations are not shaken, though Europe rock and sway in the convolutions of a great war.
      - David Lloyd George,
        in a speech at Queen's Hall

Too late in moving here, too late in arriving there, too late in coming to this decision, too late in starting enterprises, too late in preparing. In this war the footsteps of the allied forces have been dogged by the mocking specter of Too Late! and unless we quicken our movements, damnation will fall on the sacred cause for which so much gallant blood has flowed.
      - David Lloyd George,
        in a speech in the House of Commons

War is a terrible trade; but in the cause that is righteous sweet is the smell of powder.
      - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Is it, O man, with such discordant noises,
  With such accursed instruments as these,
    Thou drownest Nature's sweet and kindly voices,
      And jarrest the celestial harmonies?
      - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
        Arsenal at Springfield (st. 8)

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