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Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
      - Ecclesiastes (ch. XII, v. 7)

He that honoureth his father shall have a long life.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. III, v. 6) [Fathers]

Observe the opportunity.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. IV, v. 20) [Opportunity]

Forsake not an old friend; for the new is not comparable to him: a new friend is as new wine; when it is old, thou shalt drink it with pleasure.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. IX, v. 10) [Age : Friends]

A good name is better than precious ointment.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. VII, v. 1) [Names]

Whatsoever thou takest in hand, remember the end, and thou shalt never do amiss.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. VII, v. 36) [End]

Miss not the discourse of the elders.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. VII, v. 9) [Speech]

Judge none blessed before his death.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XI, v. 28) [Death]

He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled therewith; and he that hath fellowship with the proud, shall put on pride.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XIII, v. 1) [Cleanliness : Proverbs]

How agree the kettle and the earthen pot together?
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XIII, v. 2) [Argument]

He will laugh thee to scorn.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XIII, v. 7) [Scorn]

He that contemneth small things shall fall by little and little.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XIX, v. 1) [Trifles]

The one who does this will not become rich;
  one who despises small things will fail little by little.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XIX, v. 1) [Trifles]

Look at the rainbow, and praise him who made it; it is exceedingly beautiful in its brightness.
  It encircles the sky with its glorious arc; the hands of the Most High have stretched it out.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XLIII, v. 11-12) [Rainbows]

These were honoured in their generations, and were the glory of the times.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XLIV, v. 7) [Honor]

There be of them that have left a name behind them.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XLIV, v. 8) [Names]

They received the use of the five operations of the Lord and in the sixth place he imparted them understanding, and in the seventh speech, an interpreter of the cogitations thereof.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XVII, v. 5) [Senses]

The way of sinners is made plain with stones, but at the end thereof is the pit of hell.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXI, v. 10) [Hell]

All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXV, v. 19) [Wickedness]

The stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones. Many have fallen by the edge of the sword; but not so many as have fallen by the tongue.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXVIII, v. 17) [Tongue]

Good is set against evil, and life against death: so also is the sinner against a just man. And so look upon all works of the most High. Two and two, and one against another.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXXIII, v. 16) [Contrast]

Consider that I laboured not for myself only, but for all them that seek learning.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXXIII, v. 17) [Learning]

For of the most High cometh healing.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXXVIII, v. 2) [Medicine]

Whose talk is of bullocks.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXXVIII, v. 25) [Talk]

But they will maintain the state of the world;
  And all their desire is in the work of their craft.
      - Ecclesiasticus (Apocrypha)
         (ch. XXXVIII, v. 34) [World]

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