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Varying Hare
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English author and divine
(1608 - 1661)
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A father who whipped his son for swearing and swore at him while he whipped him, did more harm by his example than good by his correction.
      - [Oaths]

A good schoolmaster minces his precepts for children to swallow, hanging clogs on the nimbleness of his own soul, that his scholars may go along with him.
      - [Teaching]

A guilty conscience is like a whirlpool, drawing in all to itself which would otherwise pass by.
      - [Conscience]

A lazy hand is no argument of a contented beast.
      - [Laziness]

A name is a kind of face whereby one is known; wherefore taking a false name is a kind of visard whereby men disguise themselves.
      - [Names]

A tender conscience is a stronger obligation than a prison.
      - [Obligation]

A wounded conscience is able to unparadise paradise itself.
      - [Conscience]

Action is the proper fruit of knowledge.
      - [Action : Proverbs]

All the while thou livest ill, thou hast the trouble, distraction, inconveniences of life, but not the sweets and true use of it.
      - [Conduct]

An ounce of cheerfulness is worth a pound of sadness to serve God with.
      - [Cheerfulness]

As the sword of the best-tempered metal is the most flexible; so the truly generous are most pliant and courteous in their behavior to their inferiors.
      - [Courtesy]

Associate with men of judgment, for judgment is found in conversation, and we make another man's judgment ours by frequenting his company.
      - [Associates]

Be fearful only of thyself; and stand in awe of none more than thine own conscience. There is a Cato in every man; a severe censor of his manners. And he that reverences this judge will seldom do anything he need repent of.
      - [Conscience]

Be not too familiar with thy servants; at first it may beget love, but in the end it will breed contempt.
      - [Familiarity]

Beard was never the true standard of brains.
      - [Beard]

Cheaters must get some credit before they can cozen, and all falsehood, if not founded in some truth, would not be fixed in any belief.
      - [Deceit]

Choose such pleasures as recreate much and cost little.
      - [Pleasure]

Christians are called saints, for their holiness; believers, for their faith; brethren, for their love; disciples, for their knowledge.
      - [Christian]

Conceit not so high a notion of any as to be bashful and impotent in their presence.
      - [Bashfulness]

Contentment consisteth not in adding more fuel, but in taking away some fire.
      - [Contentment]

Curiosity is a kernel of the forbidden fruit, which still sticketh in the throat of a natural man;, sometimes to the danger of his choking.
      - [Curiosity]

Deceive not thyself by over-expecting happiness in the marriage state. Look not therein for contentment greater than God will give, or a creature in this world can receive, namely, to be free from all inconveniences. Marriage is not, like the hill of Olympus, wholly clear without clouds.
      - [Matrimony]

Deformity is either natural, voluntary or adventitious, being either caused by God's unseen Providence (by men nicknamed chance), or by men's cruelty.
      - [Deformity]

Fame may be compared to a scold; the best way to silence her is to let her alone, and she will at last be out of breath in blowing her own trumpet.
      - [Fame]

Fame sometimes hath created something of nothing.
      - [Fame]

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