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Varying Hare
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Roman (Carthaginian-born) comic poet
(c. 185 BC - 159 BC)
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How many unjust and wicked things are done from mere habit.
  [Lat., Quam multa injusta ac prava fiunt moribus!]
      - Heauton timoroumenos (IV, 7, 11) [Habit]

The strictest law sometimes becomes the severest injustice.
  [Lat., Jus summum saepe summa est malitia.]
      - Heauton timoroumenos (IV, V, 48) [Law]

By great efforts obtain great trifles.
  [Lat., Magno iam conatu magnas nugas.]
      - Heauton timorumenos (IV, 1, 8) [Trifles]

We all, according as our business prospers or fails, are elated or cast down.
  [Lat., Omnibus nobis ut res dant sese, ita magni atque humiles sumus.]
      - Hecyra (III, 2, 20) [Business]

The nets not stretched to catch the hawk,
  Or kite, who do us wrong; but laid for those
    Who do us none at all.
      [Lat., Non rete accipitri tenditur, neque miluo,
        Qui male faciunt nobis: illis qui nihil faciunt tenditur.]
      - Phormio (act II, sc. 2, l. 16),
        (Colman's translation) [Hawks]

There is nothing which cannot be perverted by being told badly.
      - Phormio (act IV) [Rumor]

Do you fear to trust the word of a man, whose honesty you have seen in business?
  [Lat., Cujuslibet tu fidem in pecunia perspiceres,
    Verere ei verba credere?]
      - Phormio (I, 2, 10) [Business]

It is consummate ignorance to kick against the prinks.
  [Lat., Namque inscitia est,
    Adversum stimulum calces.]
      - Phormio (I, 2, 27) [Ignorance]

Whatever chance shall bring, we will bear with equanimity.
  [Lat., Quod sors feret feremus aequo animo.]
      - Phormio (I, 2, 88) [Courage]

For it shows want of knowledge to kick against the goad.
  [Lat., Namque inscitia est,
    Adversum stimulum calces.]
      - Phormio (I, 24, 27) [Knowledge]

Fortune favors the brave.
  [Lat., Fortes fortuna adjuvat.]
      - Phormio (I, 4, 20)
        [Bravery : Fortune : Proverbs]

Do not waste bricks. (Waste your labor.)
  [Lat., Ne laterum laves.]
      - Phormio (I, IV, 9), a Greek proverb
        [Proverbs : Work]

So many men, so many opinions; everyone has his own fancy.
  [Lat., Quot homines, tot sententiae; suus cuique mos.]
      - Phormio (II, 3, 14) [Opinion]

Do not do what is already done.
  [Lat., Actum ne agas.]
      - Phormio (II, 3, 72) [Action]

You are harping on the same string.
  [Lat., Cantilenam candem canis.]
      - Phormio (III, 2, 10) [Consistency]

You sing the same old song.
  [Lat., Cantilenam eandem canis.]
      - Phormio (III, 2, 10) [Songs]

Give place to your betters.
  [Lat., De locum melioribus.]
      - Phormio (III, 2, 37) [Humility : Modesty]

A word to the wise is sufficient.
  [Lat., Dictum sapienti sat est.]
      - Phormio (III, 3, 8) [Proverbs : Words]

Of my friends I am the only one I have left.
  [Lat., Ego meorum solus sum meus.]
      - Phormio (IV, 1, 21) [Friends]

I think it is better to have two strings to my bow.
  [Lat., Commodius esse opinor duplici spe utier.]
      - Phormio (IV, 2, 13) [Prudence]

Nothing indeed remains for me but that I should hang myself.
  [Lat., Ad restim mihi quidem res rediit planissume.]
      - Phormio (IV, 4, 5) [Fate]

How often things occur by mere chance, which we dared not even to hope for.
  [Lat., Quam saepe forte temere eveniunt, quae non audeas optare!]
      - Phormio (V, 1, 31) [Chance]

Knavery's now its own reward.
  [Lat., His nunc praemium est qui recta prava faciunt.]
      - Phormio (V, I, 6) [Knavery]

There is a demand in these days for men who can make wrong conduct appear right.
  [Lat., Hinc nunc praemium est, qui recta prava faciunt.]
      - Phormio (VIII, 2, 6) [Deceit]

Attired to please herself: no gems of any kind
  She wore, nor aught of borrowed gloss in Nature's stead;
    And, then her long, loose hair flung round her head
      Fell carelessly behind.
      - Self-Tormentor (act II, sc. 2) [Apparel]

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