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English poet
(1788 - 1824)
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All that I know is, that the facts I state
  Are true as truth has ever been of late.
      - [Truth]

All that the mind would shrink from, of excesses;
  All that the body perpetrates, of bad;
    All that we read, hear, dream, of man's distresses;
      All that the devil would do, if run stark mad;
        All that defies the worst which pen expresses
          All by which hell is peopled, or is sad
            As hell--mere mortals who their power abuse--
              Was here (as heretofore and since) let loose.
      - [Graves : War]

All was prepared--the fire, the sword, the men
  To wield them in their terrible array.
    The army, like a lion from his den,
      March'd forth with nerves and sinews bent to slay--
        A human Hydra, issuing from its fen
          To breathe destruction on its winding way,
            Whose heads were heroes, which cut off in vain,
              Immediately in others grew again.
      - [War]

Ambiguous things that ape goats in their visage, women in their shape.
      - [Foppery]

And all may think which way their judgments lead 'em.
      - [Proverbs]

And cast
  O'er erring deeds and thoughts a heav'nly hue
    Of words, like sunbeams, dazzling as they pass'd.
      - [Counsel]

And glory long has made the sages smile;
  'Tis something, nothing, words, illusion, wind--
    Depending more upon the historian's style
      Than on the name a person leaves behind.
      - [Fame]

And mammon wins his way where seraphs might despair.
      - [Gold]

And not a breath crept through the rosy air, and yet the forest leaves seemed stirred with prayer.
      - [Twilight]

And o'er that fair broad brow were wrought
  The intersected lines of thought;
    Those furrows, which the burning share
      Of sorrow ploughs untimely there:
        Scars of the lacerating mind,
          Which the soul's war doth leave behind.
      - [Sorrow]

And rash enthusiasm in good society
  Were nothing but a moral inebriety.
      - [Enthusiasm]

And the whole world would henceforth be a wider prison unto me.
      - [World]

And though, as you remember, in a fit
  Of wrath and rhyme, when juvenile and curly,
    I railed at Scots to show my wrath and wit,
      Which must be owned was sensitive and surly,
        Yet 'tis in vain such sallies to permit,
          They cannot quench young feelings fresh and early:
            I "scotched, not killed" the Scotchman in my blood,
              And love the land of "mountain and of flood."
      - [Scotland]

Around her shone
  The nameless charms unmark'd by her alone.
    The light of love, the purity of grace,
      The mind, the music breathing from her face,
        The heart whose softness harmonized the whole,
          And, oh! that eye was in itself a soul.
      - [Beauty]

As fierce as hell, or fiercer still,
  A woman piqued who has her will.
      - [Proverbs]

As twilight melts beneath the moon away.
      - [Twilight]

Ave Maria! blessed be the hour!
  The time, the clime, the spot where I so oft
    Have felt that moment in its fullest power
      Sink o'er the earth so beautiful and soft,
        While swung the deep bell in the distant tower,
          Or the faint dying day-hymn stole aloft,
            And not a breath crept through the rosy air,
              And yet the forest leaves seem'd stirr'd with prayer.
                Soft hour! which makes the wish and melts the heart
                  Of those who sail the seas, on the first day;
                    When they from their sweet friends are torn apart;
                      Or fills with love the pilgrim on his way,
                        As the far bell of vesper makes him start,
                          Seeming to weep the dying day's decay;
                            Is this a fancy which our reason scorns?
                              Ah! surely nothing dies but something mourns!
      - [Evening]

Away! we know that tears are vain, that death ne'er heeds nor hears distress.
      - [Mourners]

Beautiful spirit, with thy hair of light and dazzling eyes of glory!
      - [Spirits]

Before decay's effacing fingers
  Have swept the lines where beauty lingers.
      - [Death : Decay]

Blood only serves to wash Ambition's hands.
      - [Ambition]

Born to be ploughed with years, and sown with cares, and reaped by Death, lord of the human soil.
      - [Man]

But all have prices,
  From crowns to kicks, according to their vices.
      - [Vice]

But passion raves herself to rest, or flies;
  And vice, that digs her own voluptuous tomb
    Had buried long his hopes, no more to rise:
      Pleasure's pall'd victim! life-abhorring gloom
        Wrote on his faded brow curst Cain's unresting doom.
      - [Satiety]

But scandal's my aversion--I protest
  Against all evil speaking, even in jest.
      - [Proverbs]

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