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English poet
(1788 - 1824)
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Eternity forbids thee to forget.
      - Lara (canto I, st. 23) [Eternity]

"Yet doth he live!" exclaims th' impatient heir,
  And sighs for sables which he must not wear.
      - Lara (canto I, st. 3) [Expectation]

Why did she love him? Curious fool!--be still--
  Is human love the growth of human will?
      - Lara (canto II, st. 22) [Love]

The best of prophets of the future is the past.
      - Letter [Past]

In friendship I early was taught to believe;
  . . . .
    I have found that a friend may profess, yet deceive.
      - Lines addressed to the Rev. J.T. Becher
         (st. 7) [Friendship]

It is not in the storm nor in the strife
  We feel benumb'd, and wish to be no more,
    But in the after-silence on the shore,
      When all is lost, except a little life.
      - Lines on Hearing that Lady Byron was Ill
         (l. 9) [Oblivion]

Maid of Athens, ere we part,
  Give, oh, give me back my heart!
      - Maid of Athens (st. 1) [Heart]

From thy own smile I snatched the snake.
      - Manfred [Smiles]

The tree of knowledge is not that of life.
      - Manfred (act I, sc. 1) [Knowledge]

Mont Blanc is the monarch of mountains;
  They crown'd him long ago
    On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds,
      With a diadem of snow.
      - Manfred (act I, sc. 1, l. 62) [Mountains]

But we, who name ourselves its sovereigns, we,
  Half dust, half deity, alike unfit
    To sink or soar.
      - Manfred (act I, sc. 2, l. 39) [Man]

Thinkst thou existence doth depend on time?
  It doth; but actions are our epochs; mine
    Have made my days and nights imperishable,
      Endless, and all alike.
      - Manfred (act II, sc. 1) [Time]

Knowledge is not happiness, and science
  But an exchange of ignorance for that
    Which is another kind of ignorance.
      - Manfred (act II, sc. 4) [Knowledge]

There is no future pang
  Can deal that justice on the self condemn'd
    He deals on his own soul.
      - Manfred (act III, sc. 1) [Conscience]

The heart ran o'er
  With silent worship of the great of old!--
    The dead, but sceptred sovereigns, who still rule
      Our spirits from their urns.
      - Manfred (act III, sc. 4) [Worship]

The stars are forth, the moon above the tops
  Of the snow-shining mountains--Beautiful!
    I linger yet with Nature, for the night
      Hath been to me a more familiar face
        Than that of man; and in her starry shade
          Of dim and solitary loveliness
            I learn'd the language of another world.
      - Manfred (act III, sc. 4) [Night]

They never fail who die
  In a great cause.
      - Marino Faliero (act II, sc. 2) [Success]

The music, and the banquet, and the wine--
  The garlands, the rose odors, and the flowers,
    The sparkling eyes, and flashing ornaments--
      The white arms and the raven hair--the braids,
        And bracelets; swan-like bosoms, and the necklace,
          An India in itself, yet dazzling not.
      - Marino Faliero (act IV, sc. 1, l. 51)

But yet she listen'd--'tis enough--
  Who listens once will listen twice;
    Her heart, be sure, is not of ice,
      And one refusal no rebuff.
      - Mazeppa (st. 6) [Listening]

'Tis enough--
  Who listens once will listen twice;
    Her heart be sure is not of ice,
      And one refusal no rebuff.
      - Mazeppa (st. 6) [Wooing]

Who track the steps of Glory to the grave.
      - Monody on the Death of the Rt. Hon. R.B. Sheridan

Sighing that Nature formed but one such man,
  And broke the die--in moulding Sheridan.
      - Monody on the Death of the Rt. Hon. R.B. Sheridan
         (l. 117) [Man]

Folly loves the martyrdom of Fame.
      - Monody on the Death of the Rt. Hon. R.B. Sheridan
         (l. 68) [Fame : Folly]

From the mingled strength of shade and light
  A new creation rises to my sight,
    Such heav'nly figures from his pencil flow,
      So warm with light his blended colors glow.
        . . . .
          The glowing portraits, fresh from life, that bring
            Home to our hearts the truth from which they spring.
      - Monody on the Death of the Rt. Hon. R.B. Sheridan
         (st. 3) [Painting]

Where may the wearied eye repose,
  When gazing on the Great;
    Where neither guilty glory glows,
      Nor despicable state?
        Yes--one the first, the last, the best,
          The Cincinnatus of the West
            Whom envy dared not hate,
              Bequeathed the name of Washington
                To make man blush; there was but one.
      - Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte,
        referring to George Washington
        [Washington, George]

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