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Scottish poet
(1700 - 1748)
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Heavens! what a goodly prospect spreads around,
  Of hills, and dales, and woods, and lawns, and spires,
    And glittering towns, and gilded streams, till all
      The stretching landscape into smoke decays.
      - [Landscape]

Her form was fresher than the morning rose
  When the dew wets its leaves; unstained and pure
    As is the lily, or the mountain snow.
      - [Purity]

Her lips blush deeper sweets.
      - [Lips]

Here too dwells simple truth; plain innocence;
  Unsullied beauty; sound unbroken youth,
    Patient of labour, with a little pleas'd;
      Health ever blooming; unambitious toil,
        Calm contemplation; and poetic ease.
      - [Country]

Him who lonely loves to seek the distant hills, and there converse with nature.
      - [Solitude]

His folded flock secure, the shepherd home
  Hies merry-hearted; and by turns relieves
    The ruddy milk-maid of her brimming pail;
      The beauty whom perhaps his witless heart,
        Unknowing what the joy-mix'd anguish means,
          Sincerely loves, by that best language shown
            Of cordial glances, and obliging deeds.
      - [Courtship]

How slow the time
  To the warm soul, that, in the very instant
    It forms, would execute, a great design.
      - [Action : Enterprise]

I think a bishop who doesn't give offence to anyone is probably not a good bishop.
      - [Offense]

If misfortune comes, she brings along the bravest virtues.
      - [Misfortune]

If there aught in sleep can charm the wise?
  To lie in dead oblivion, losing half
    The fleeting moments of too short a life;
      Total extinction of th' enlighten'd soul,
 * * * * *
Who would in such a gloomy state remain
  Longer than nature craves?
      - [Sleep]

Ill-fated race! the softening arts of peace,
  Whate'er the humanizing muses teach;
    The godlike wisdom of the tempered breast;
      Progressive truth, the patient force of thought;
        Investigation calm, whose silent powers
          Command the world; the light that leads to heaven;
            Kind equal rule, the government of laws,
              And all-protecting freedom, which alone
                Sustains the name and dignity of man:
                  These are not theirs.
      - [Slavery]

In waking whispers and repeated dreams, to hint pure thoughts and warn the favored soul.
      - [Dreams]

Inconstant, blind,
  Deserting friends at need, and duped by foes;
    Loud and seditious, when a chief inspired
      Their headlong fury, but, of him deprived,
        Already slaves that lick'd the scourging hand.
      - [Mob]

Ingratitude is treason to mankind.
      - [Ingratitude]

Is there aught in sleep can charm the wise,
  To lie in dead oblivion, losing half
    The fleeting moments of too short a life;
      Total extinction of the enlighten'd soul?
        Wilder'd and tossing thro' distemper'd dreams?
          Who would in such a gloomy state remain
            Longer than nature craves; when ev'ry muse
              And every blooming pleasure wait without,
                To bless the wildly devious morning walk?
      - [Early Rising]

It is late before the brave despair.
      - [Despair]

Its pomp, its pleasures, and its nonsense all.
      - [Work]

Let no presuming impious railer tax
  Creative wisdom as if aught was form'd
    In vain, or not for admirable ends.
      Shall little haughty ignorance pronounce
        His works unwise of which the smallest part
          Exceeds the narrow vision of his mind?
      - [Creation]

Lo! from the dread immensity of space
  Returning, with accelerated course,
    The rushing comet to the sun descends:
      And as he sinks below the shading earth,
        With awful train projected o'er the heavens,
          The guilty nations tremble.
      - [Comets]

Looked unutterable things.
      - [Proverbs]

Love, Gratitude, and Pity wept at once.
      - [Weeping]

  Needs not the foreign aid of ornament,
    But is, when unadorn'd, adorn'd the most.
      - [Proverbs]

Loveliness needs not the foreign aid of ornament, but is, when unadorned, adorned the most.
      - [Loveliness]

Meantime, refracted from yon eastern cloud,
  Bestriding earth, the grand ethereal bow
    Shoots up immense; and every hue unfolds,
      In fair proportion, running from the red
        To where the violet fades into the sky.
      - [Rainbows]

Miserable they!
  Who, here entangled in the gathering ice,
    Take their last look of the descending sun,
      While, full of death, and fierce with tenfold frost,
        The long, long night, incumbent o'er their heads,
          Falls horrible.
      - [Winter]

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