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Scottish poet
(1700 - 1748)
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The meek-eyed Morn appears, mother of Dews.
      - Seasons--Summer (l. 47) [Morning]

Rocks rich in gems, and Mountains big with mines,
  That on the high Equator, ridgy, rise,
    Whence many a bursting Stream auriferous plays.
      - Seasons--Summer (l. 646) [Nature]

For is there aught in Sleep can charm the wise?
  To lie in dead oblivion, loosing half
    The fleeting moments of too short a life--
      . . . .
        Who would in such a gloomy state remain
          Longer than Nature craves?
      - Seasons--Summer (l. 71) [Sleep]

But yonder comes the power King of Day,
  Rejoicing in the East.
      - Seasons--Summer (l. 81) [Sunrise]

Ships, dim discover'd, dropping from the clouds.
      - Seasons--Summer (l. 946) [Ships]

Patient of thirst and toil,
  Son of the desert, e'en the Camel feels,
    Shot through his wither'd heat, the fiery blast.
      - Seasons--Summer (l. 965) [Summer]

And Mecca saddens at the long delay.
      - Seasons--Summer (l. 979) [Delay]

Or ruminate in the contiguous shade.
      - Seasons--Winter [Trees]

See, Winter comes, to rule the varied year,
  Sullen and sad, with all his rising train;
    Vapors, and Clouds, and Storms.
      - Seasons--Winter (l. 1) [Winter]

Dread Winter spreads his latest glooms,
  And reigns, tremendous, o'er the conquer'd Year.
    How dead the vegetable kingdom lies!
      How dumb the tuneful! Horror wide extends
        His desolate domain.
      - Seasons--Winter (l. 1,024) [Winter]

Through the hush'd air the whitening Shower descends,
  At first thin wavering; till at last the Flakes
    Fall broad, and wide, and fast, dimming the day
      With a continual flow. The cherished Fields
        Put on their winter-robe of purest white,
          'Tis brightness all; save where the new Snow melts
            Along the mazy current.
      - Seasons--Winter (l. 229) [Winter]

The Redbreast, sacred to the household gods,
  Wisely regardful of the embroiling sky,
    In joyless fields and thorny thickets leaves
      His shivering mates, and pays to trusted Man
        His annual visit.
      - Seasons--Winter (l. 246) [Robins]

Cruel as death, and hungry at the grave.
      - Seasons--Winter (l. 393) [Hunger]

Studious let me sit,
  And hold high converse with the mighty Dead.
      - Seasons--Winter (l. 431) [Reading]

But who can count the stars of Heaven?
  Who sing their influence on this lower world?
      - Seasons--Winter (l. 528) [Stars]

Forever, Fortune, wilt thou prove
  An unrelenting foe to love,
    And, when we meet a mutual heart,
      Come in between, and bid us part?
      - Song--To Fortune [Fortune]

O, Sophonisba, Sophonisba, O!
      - Sophonisba [Names]

Why should we will the best of passions, love?
  It aids the hero, bids ambition rise
    To nobler heights, inspires immortal deeds,
      Even softens brutes, and adds a grace to virtue.
      - Sophonisba (act V, sc. 2) [Love]

The best of men have ever loved repose:
  They hate to mingle in the filthy fray;
    Where the soul sours, and gradual rancour grows,
      Imbitter'd more from peevish day to day.
      - The Castle of Indolence (canto I, st. 17)

Scroundrel maxim.
      - The Castle of Indolence (canto I, st. 50)
        [Proverbs (General)]

They who are pleased themselves must always please.
      - The Castle of Insolence (canto I, st. 15)

The faithless vain disturber of mankind, Insulting Gaul.
      - The Seasons--Autumn [France]

For, if the worlds
  In worlds enclosed should on his senses burst . . .
    He would abhorrent turn.
      - The Seasons--Summer (l. 313) [World]

For nothing human foreign was to him.
      - To the Memory of Lord Talbot,
        translation of "Humani nihil a me alienum puto"

O, what are you waiting for here? young man!
  What are you looking for over the bridge?--
    A little straw hat with the streaming blue ribbons
      Is soon to come dancing over the bridge.
      - Waiting [Love]

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