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Scottish poet
(1700 - 1748)
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But I lose
  Myself in Him, in Light ineffable!
    Come then, expressive Silence, muse His praise.
      These, as they change, Almighty Father, these
        Are but the varied God. The rolling Year
          Is full of Thee.
      - Hymn (l. 116) [God]

And friendly free discussion calling forth
  From the fair jewel Truth its latent ray.
      - Liberty (pt. II, l. 220) [Truth]

With starving labor pampering idle waste;
  To tear at pleasure the defected land.
      - Liberty (pt. IV, l. 1,160) [Labor]

While Reason drew the plan, the Heart inform'd
  The moral page and Fancy lent it grace.
      - Liberty (pt. IV, l. 262) [Reason]

Soft-buzzing Slander; silly moths that eat
  An honest name.
      - Liberty (pt. IV, l. 609) [Slander]

Hail! Independence, hail! Heaven's next best gift,
  To that of life and an immortal soul!
      - Liberty (pt. V, l. 124) [Independence]

At the throng'd levee bends the venal tribe:
  With fair but faithless smiles each varnish'd o'er,
    Each smooth as those that mutually deceive,
      And for their falsehood each despising each.
      - Liberty (pt. V, l. 190) [Courtiers]

When Britain first at Heaven's command,
  Arose from out of the azure main,
    This was the charter of the land,
      And guardian angels sung this strain;
        "Rule Britannia! rule the waves;
          Britons never will be slaves."
      - Masque of Alfred [England]

As like the sacred queen of night,
  Who pours a lovely, gentle light
    Wide o'er the dark, by wanderers blest,
      Conducting them to peace and rest.
      - Ode to Seraphina [Moon]

Among the changing months, May stands confest
  The sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed.
      - On May [May]

And the plain ox,
  That harmless, honest, guileless animal,
    In what has he offended? he whose toil,
      Patient and ever ready, clothes the land
        With all the pomp of harvest.
      - Seasons [Oxen]

The juicy pear
  Lies, in a soft profusion, scattered round.
      - Seasons [Fruits]

But while listening Senates hang upon thy tongue,
  Devolving through the maze of eloquence
    A roll of periods, sweeter than her song.
      - Seasons--Autumn [Eloquence]

The lovely young Lavinia once had friends;
  And fortune smil'd, deceitful, on her birth.
      - Seasons--Autumn [Fortune]

Crown'd with the sickle and the wheaten sheaf,
  While Autumn, nodding o'er the yellow plain,
    Comes jovial on.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 1) [Autumn]

Age too shines out; and, garrulous, recounts the feats of youth.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 1,231) [Age]

O nature! . . .
  Enrich me with the knowledge of thy works;
    Snatch me to Heaven.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 1,352) [Nature]

Now black and deep the Night begins to fall,
  A shade immense! Sunk in the quenching Gloom,
    Magnificent and vast, are heaven and earth.
      Order confounded lies; all beauty void,
        Distinction lost, and gay variety
          One universal blot: such the fair power
            Of light, to kindle and create the whole.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 113) [Night]

Her polish'd limbs,
  Veil'd in a simple robe, their best attire;
    Beyond the pomp of dress; for Loveliness
      Needs not the foreign aid of ornament,
        But is, when unadorn'd the most.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 202) [Apparel]

Thoughtless of beauty, she was Beauty's self.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 209) [Beauty]

He saw her charming, but he saw not half
  The charms her downcast modesty conceal'd.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 229) [Modesty]

For still the World prevail'd and its dread laugh,
  Which scarce the firm Philosopher can scorn.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 233) [Laughter]

The big round tears run down his dappled face;
  He groans in anguish.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 454) [Tears]

Home is the resort
  Of live, of joy, of peace, and plenty; where
    Supporting and supported, polished friends
      And dear relations mingle into bliss.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 65) [Home]

When autumn scatters his departing gleams,
  Warn'd of approaching winter, gather'd, play
    The swallow-people; and toss'd wide around,
      O'er the calm sky, in convolution swift,
        The feather'd eddy floats; rejoicing once,
          Ere to their wintry slumbers they retire.
      - Seasons--Autumn (l. 836) [Swallows]

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