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German poet, dramatist and historian
(1759 - 1805)
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"How poor a thing is man!" alas 'tis true,
  I'd half forgot it when I chanced on you.
      - The Moral Poet [Man]

Alas! when duty grows thy law, enjoyment fades away.
      - The Playing Infant [Duty]

Your deeds are known,
  In words that kindle glory from the stone.
      - The Walk [Deeds]

Dare to err and to dream. Deep meaning often lies in childish plays.
  [Ger., Wage du zu irren und zu traumen. Hoher Sinn liegt oft im kind'schen Spiel.]
      - Theklo (st. 6) [Childhood]

Common natures pay with what they do, noble ones with what they are.
  [Ger., Gemeine Naturen
    Zahlen mit dem, was wie thun, edle mit dem, was sie sind.]
      - Unterschied der Stande [Character]

If you wish to know yourself observe how others act.
  If you wish to understand others look into your own heart.
    [Ger., Willst du dich selber erkennen, so sich' wie die andern es treiben;
      Willst du die andern versteh'n, blick in dein eigenes Herz.]
      - Votire Tablets--Xenien [Knowledge]

O'er Ocean, with a thousand masts, sails forth the stripling bold--
  One boat, hard rescued from the deep, draws into port the old!
      - Votive Tablets--Expectation and Fulfilment

Dear is my friend--yet from my foe, as from my friend, comes good:
  My friend shows what I can do, and my foe what I should.
      - Votive Tablets--Friend and Foe [Friends]

If thou art something bring thy soul and interchange with mine.
      - Votive Tablets--Value and World [Sympathy]

Satisfy a few to please many is bad.
  [Ger., Mach' es Wenigen recht; vielen gefallen ist schlimm.]
      - Votivtafeln [Satisfaction]

Art is difficult, transient is her reward.
  [Schwer ist die Kunst, verganglich ist ihr Preis.]
      - Wallenstein (prologue, l. 40) [Art]

The game of life looks cheerful when one carries a treasure safe in his heart.
  [Ger., Das Spiel des Lebens sieht sich heiter an,
    Wenn mann den sichern Schatz im Herzen tragt.]
      - Wallenstein
         (pt. I, Piccolomini, act III, 4) [Life]

I've lived and loved.
      - Wallenstein
         (pt. I, Piccolomini, song in act II, sc. 6),
        (Coleridge's translation) [Life]

Yet tremble at the slow, silent power of time.
  [Ger., Doch zittre vor der langsamen,
    Der stillen Macht der Zeit.]
      - Wallenstein'd Tod (I, 3, 32) [Time]

His saying was: live and let live.
  [Ger., Sein Spruch war: leben und leben lassen.]
      - Wallenstein's Lager (VI, 106) [Life]

It is now as in the days of yore when the sword ruled all things.
  [Ger., Est ist hier wie in den alten Zeiten
    Wo die Klinge noch alles that bedeuten.]
      - Wallenstein's Lager (VI, 140) [War]

The will of a man is his happiness.
  [Ger., Des Menschen Wille, das ist sein Gluck.]
      - Wallenstein's Lager (VII, 25) [Happiness]

A pity about the people! they are brave enough comrades, but they have heads like a soapboiler's.
  [Ger., Schad'um die Leut'! Sind sonst wackre Bruder
    Aber das denkt, wie ein Seifensieder.]
      - Wallenstein's Lager (XI, 347) [Stupidity]

If you do not dare to die you will never win life.
  [Ger., Und setzet ihr nicht das Leben ein,
    Nie wird euch das Leben gewonnen sein.]
      - Wallenstein's Lager (XI, chorus) [Death]

Accursed be he who plays with the devil.
  [Ger., Verflucht wer mit dem Teufel spielt.]
      - Wallenstein's Tod (I, 3, 64) [Devil]

Stern is the visage of necessity.
  [Ger., Ernst ist der Anblick der Nothwendigkeit.]
      - Wallenstein's Tod (I, 4, 45) [Necessity]

For the world is ruled by interest alone.
  [Ger., Denn nur vom Nutzen wird die Welt regiert.]
      - Wallenstein's Tod (I, 6, 37) [World]

For every event is a judgment of God.
  [Ger., Denn aller Ausgang ist ein Gottesurheil.]
      - Wallenstein's Tod (I, 7, 32) [Judgment]

Youth is too hasty with words.
  [Ger., Schnell fertig ist die Jugend mit dem Wort.]
      - Wallenstein's Tod (II, 2, 99) [Words]

The zeal of friends it is that razes me,
  And not the hate of enemies.
    [Ger., Der Freunde Eifer ist's, der mich
      Zu Grunde richtet, nicht der Hass der Feinde.]
      - Wallenstein's Tod (III, 18, last lines)

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