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English poet, scholar, writer and patriot
(1608 - 1674)
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Now morn, her rosy steps in th' eastern clime
  Advancing, sow'd the earth with Orient pearl.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 1) [Morning]

Hung over her enamour'd, and beheld
  Beauty, which, whether waking or asleep,
    Shot forth peculiar graces.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 13) [Beauty]

These are thy glorious works, Parent of good.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 153) [God]

  My fairest, my espous'd, my latest found,
    Heaven's last best gift, my ever new delight!
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 17) [Wives]

Thou sun, of this great world both eye and soul.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 171) [Sun]

My latest found,
  Heaven's last best gift, my ever new delight!
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 18) [Women]

Join voices, all ye living souls: ye birds,
  That singing up to heaven-gate ascend,
    Bear on your wings and in your notes his praise.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 197) [Praise]

Awake! the morning shines, and the fresh field
  Calls us; we lose the prime, to mark how spring
    Our tended plants, how blows the citron grove,
      What drops the myrrh, and what the balmy reed.
        How nature paints her colours, how the bee
          Sits on the bloom, extracting liquid sweet.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 20) [Spring]

A wilderness of sweets.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 294) [Flowers]

For his sleep
  Was aery light, from pure digestion bred.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 3) [Sleep]

So saying, with despatchful looks in haste
  She turns, on hospitable thoughts intent.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 331)

Though in heav'n the trees
  Of life ambrosial fruitage bear, and vines
    Yield nectar.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 426) [Heaven]

If by fire
  Of sooty coal th' empiric alchymist
    Can turn, or holds it possible to turn,
      Metals of drossiest ore to perfect gold.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 439) [Alchemy]

Nor jealousy
  Was understood, the injur'd lover's hell.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 449) [Jealousy]

The bright consummate flower.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 481) [Flowers]

Son of Heav'n and Earth,
  Attend! That thou art happy, owe to God;
    That thou continuest such, owe to thyself,
      That is, to thy obedience; therein stand.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 519) [Obedience]

And in their motions harmony divine
  So smoothes her charming tones, that God's own ear
    Listens delighted.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 620) [Music]

They eat, they drink, and in communion sweet
  Quaff immortality and joy.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 637)
        [Eating : Immortality]

From that high mount of God whence light and shade
  Spring both, the face of brightest heaven had changed
    To grateful twilight.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 643) [Twilight]

Satan; so call him now, his former name
  Is heard no more in heaven.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 658) [Devil]

Soon as midnight brought on the dusky hour
  Friendliest to sleep and silence.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 667) [Midnight]

Since good, the more
  Communicated, more abundant grows.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 71) [Goodness]

Or stars of morning, dew-drops which the sun
  Impearls on every leaf and every flower.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 746) [Dew]

But his zeal
  None seconded, as out of season judged,
    Or singular and rash.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 849) [Zeal]

So spake the seraph Abdiel, faithful found,
  Among the faithless faithful only he.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. V, l. 896) [Fidelity]

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