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That is guessing, not interpretation, which altogether departs from the letter.
      - Bacon's Maxims (18, reg. 3) [Legal Maxims]

An interlocutory judgment may be recalled, but not a final.
      - Bacon's Maxims (20) [Legal Maxims]

Necessity gives a privilege with reference to private rights.
      - Bacon's Maxims (25), also Noy's Maxims
         (max. 32) [Legal Maxims]

Words ought to be used so as go give them their effect.
      - Bacon's Maxims (3) [Legal Maxims]

"Heir" is a name of term of law; "son" is a name of nature.
      - Bacon's Maxims (52, in reg. 11)
        [Legal Maxims]

Positive rules of law will be receded from rather than that crimes and wrongs should remain unpunished.
      - Bacon's Maxims (55, reg. 12)
        [Legal Maxims]

A personal connection is equivalent to one's own interest.
      - Bacon's Maxims (72, reg.) [Legal Maxims]

A clause in a law which precludes its abrogation is void from the beginning.
      - Bacon's Maxims (77) [Legal Maxims]

A useless clause or disposition is not supported by a remote presumption, or by a cause arising afterwards.
      - Bacon's Maxims (82, reg. 21)
        [Legal Maxims]

In things favored, what profits is more regarded than what prejudices.
      - Bacon's Maxims (p. 57, reg. 12)
        [Legal Maxims]

In criminal matters or cases, a general malice of intention is sufficient, if united with an act of equal or corresponding degree.
      - Bacon's Maxims (p. 65, reg. 15),
        also Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 323)
        [Legal Maxims]

It is a perpetual law that no human and positive law can be perpetual and a clause which precludes the power of abrogation is void ab initio.
      - Bacon's Maxims (p. 77, reg. 19)
        [Legal Maxims]

Lawful acts are well mingled, unless some form of law forbid.
      - Bacon's Maxims (p. 94, reg. 24)
        [Legal Maxims]

In law, the proximate, and not the remote, cause is regarded.
      - Bacon's Maxims (reg. 1) [Legal Maxims]

Lawful commands receive a strict interpretation, but unlawful command a broad and extended one.
      - Bacon's Maxims (reg. 16) [Legal Maxims]

An act already begun, the completion of which depends on the will of the parties, may be revoked; but if it depend on the will of a third person, or on a contingency, it cannot be revoked.
      - Bacon's Maxims (reg. 20) [Legal Maxims]

Words are to be taken so that they may have some effect.
      - Bacon's Works (4, 258) [Legal Maxims]

Law favoreth life, liberty and dower.
      - Bacon's Works (4, 345) [Legal Maxims]

It is a greater crime to kill one's self than another.
      - Bart Maxims (108) [Legal Maxims]

He who has the dominion or advantage has the risk.
      - Bart Maxims (33) [Legal Maxims]

The law of England rules that the offspring shall always follow the condition of the father, never that of the mother.
      - Bart Maxims (59) [Legal Maxims]

The welfare of the people is the supreme law.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 1-10),
        also Bacon's Maxims (reg. 12)
        [Legal Maxims]

Where there is the same reason, there is the same law, and the same judgment should be rendered on the same state of facts.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 103)
        [Legal Maxims]

The less authority is merged in the greater.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 111)
        [Legal Maxims]

No man ought to be his own judge, or to administer justice in cases where his relations are concerned.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 116, 124)
        [Legal Maxims]

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