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That which cannot be done directly shall not be done indirectly.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 489)
        [Legal Maxims]

The accessory follows the principal.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 491)
        [Legal Maxims]

When the primitive or original estate determines, the derivative estate determines also.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 495)
        [Legal Maxims]

When the principal does not hold, the incidents thereof ought to obtain.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 496)
        [Legal Maxims]

Although the grant of a future interest be inoperative, yet a declaration precedent may be made, which may take effect provided a new act intervene.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 498),
        also Bacon's Maxims
         (pp. 60-61, reg. 14) [Legal Maxims]

In England there is no interregnum.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 50)
        [Legal Maxims]

Consent, and not cohabitation, constitutes nuptials or marriage, and persons cannot consent before marriageable years.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 505)
        [Legal Maxims]

He who would have been heir to the father shall be heir to the son.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 517)
        [Legal Maxims]

Movables follow the person.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 522)
        [Legal Maxims]

It is not a mere right to enter on lands, but actual seisin, which makes a person the root or stock from which all future inheritance by right of blood must be derived.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 525, 527)
        [Legal Maxims]

Seisin makes the stock.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 525, 528)
        [Legal Maxims]

An inheritance never ascends.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 527, 528)
        [Legal Maxims]

The right line is always preferred to the collateral.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 529)
        [Legal Maxims]

When two rights concur in one person, it is the same as if they were in two separate persons.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 531)
        [Legal Maxims]

The brother's possession of an estate in fee-simple makes the sister to be heir.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 532)
        [Legal Maxims]

The right of blood and kindred cannot be destroyed by any civil law.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 533)
        [Legal Maxims]

The interpretation of deeds is to be liberal, that the thing may rather have effect than fail.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 543)
        [Legal Maxims]

In agreements, the intention of the contracting parties, rather than the words used, should be regarded.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 551)
        [Legal Maxims]

In wills we more especially seek out the intention of the testator.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 555)
        [Legal Maxims]

The last will of a testator is to be fulfilled according to his true intention.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 566)
        [Legal Maxims]

In ambiguous expressions, the intention of the person using them is chiefly to be regarded.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 567)
        [Legal Maxims]

We must never depart from the signification of words, unless it is evident that they are not conformable to the will of the testator.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 568)
        [Legal Maxims]

In an ambiguous expression of law, that signification is to be preferred which is consonant with equity, especially when the spirit of the law can be collected from that.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 576)
        [Legal Maxims]

Where two things repugnant to each other, are found in a will, the last shall stand.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 583)
        [Legal Maxims]

Coupling of words together shows that they are to be understood in the same sense.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 588)
        [Legal Maxims]

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