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Things which do not avail when separate when joined avail.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 588)
        [Legal Maxims]

No one can properly understand any part of a thing till he has read through the whole again and again.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 593)
        [Legal Maxims]

No one is able rightly to understand one part before he has again and again read through the whole.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 593)
        [Legal Maxims]

The words of charters are to be received more strongly against the grantor.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 594),
        also Noy's Maxims [Legal Maxims]

In the construction of agreements words are interpreted against the person using them.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 599)
        [Legal Maxims]

The law will make such a construction of an instrument as not to injure a party.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 603)
        [Legal Maxims]

That is a cursed interpretation which corrupts the text.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 622)
        [Legal Maxims]

That is certain can be made certain.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 624)
        [Legal Maxims]

The useful is not vitiated by the useless.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 627)
        [Legal Maxims]

The king cannot confer a favor on one subject which occasions injury and loss to others.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 63)
        [Legal Maxims]

Whatever is added to demonstrate anything already sufficiently demonstrated is surplusage.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 630)
        [Legal Maxims]

The presence of the body cures error in the name; the truth of the name cures an error of description.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 637, 639, 640)
        [Legal Maxims]

The truth of the name takes away the error of description.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 637, 641),
        also Bacon's Maxims (reg. 25)
        [Legal Maxims]

Words ought not to be taken to import a false demonstration which may have effect by way of true limitation.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 642)
        [Legal Maxims]

Although a testator may have mistaken the nomen, cognomen, or proenomen of a legatee, yet, if it be certain who is the person meant, the legacy is valid.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 645)
        [Legal Maxims]

General words must be narrowed either to the nature of the subject-matter or to the aptitude of the person.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 646),
        also Bacon's Maxims (reg. 10)
        [Legal Maxims]

General words are to be understood generally.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 647)
        [Legal Maxims]

The spoken word flies; the written letter remains.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 666)
        [Legal Maxims]

Words to which reference is made in an instrument have the same effect and operation as if they were inserted in the clauses referring to them.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 673)
        [Legal Maxims]

Words referred to are to be considered as if incorporated.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 674, 677)
        [Legal Maxims]

Nudum pactum is that upon which no action arises.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 676)
        [Legal Maxims]

A statute is best explained by following the construction put upon it by judges who lived at the time it was made, or soon after.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 682)
        [Legal Maxims]

He who considers merely the letter of an instrument goes but skin deep into its meaning.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 685)
        [Legal Maxims]

Bad grammar does not vitiate a deed, but in the exposition of instruments, bad grammar, as far as it can be done, is to be avoided.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 686)
        [Legal Maxims]

In obscure constructions we always apply that which is the least obscure.
      - Broom's Legal Maxims (max. 687)
        [Legal Maxims]

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