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Every child senses, with all the horse sense that's in him, that any parent is angry inside when children misbehave and they dread more the anger that is rarely or never expressed openly, wondering how awful it might be.
      - Benjamin Spock

Perhaps a child who is fussed over gets a feeling of destiny; he thinks he is the world for something important, and it gives him drive and confidence.
      - Benjamin Spock

There is another accidental advantage in marriage, which has also fallen to my share; I mean the having a multitude of children.
      - Sir Richard Steele

Children will grow up substantially what they are by nature--and only that.
      - Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe

Your little child is the only true democrat.
      - Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe

Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.
      - Anne Sullivan

Their future may, perchance, appear dark to others; but to their fearless gaze it looms up brilliant and beautiful as the walls of a fairy palace. There is no tear which a mother's gentle hand cannot wipe away, no wound that a mother's kiss cannot heal, no anguish which the sweet murmuring of her soft, low voice cannot soothe.
      - Esaias Tegner

It is better to keep children to their duty, by a sense of honor, and by kindness, than by fear and punishment.
      - Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullian

The death of a child occasions a passion of grief and frantic tears, such as your end, brother reader, will never inspire.
      - William Makepeace Thackeray

Who feels injustice, who shrinks before a slight, who has a sense of wrong so acute, and so glowing a gratitude for kindness, as a generous boy?
      - William Makepeace Thackeray

Children, who play life, discern its true law and relations more clearly than men, who fail to live it worthily, but who think that they are wiser by experience, that is, by failure.
      - Henry David Thoreau

A man looketh on his little one as a being of better hope; in himself ambition is dead, but it bath a resurrection in his son.
      - Martin Farquhar Tupper

Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said.
      - Unknown

A three year old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm.
      - Bill Vaughan

Never have children, only grandchildren.
      - Gore Vidal

Bring together all the children of the universe, you will see nothing in them but innocence, gentleness, and fear; were they born wicked, spiteful, and cruel, some signs of it would come from them; as little snakes strive to bite, and little tigers to tear. But nature having been as sparing of offensive weapons to man as to pigeons and rabbits, it cannot have given them an instinct to mischief and destruction.
      - Voltaire (Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire)

Parents of young children should realize that few people, and maybe no one, will find their children as enchanting as they do.
      - Barbara Walters

We should amuse our evening hours of life in cultivating the tender plants, and bringing them to perfection, before they are transplanted to a happier clime.
      - George Washington

A mother once asked a clergyman when she should begin he education of her child, which she told him was then four years old. "Madam," was the reply, "you have lost three years already. From, the very first smile that gleams over an infant's cheek, your opportunity begins."
      - Archbishop Richard Whately

As hardly anything can accidentally touch the soft clay without stamping its mark on it, so hardly any reading can interest a child, without contributing in some degree, though the book itself be afterwards totally forgotten, to form the character.
      - Archbishop Richard Whately

Children are the to-morrow of society.
      - Archbishop Richard Whately

I do not like punishments. You will never torture a child into duty; but a sensible child will dread the frown of a judicious mother more than all the rods, dark rooms, end scolding school-mistresses in the universe.
      - Henry Kirke White

The children of the poor are so apt to look as if the rich would have been over-blest with such! Alas for the angel capabilities, interrupted so soon with care, and with after life so sadly unfulfilled.
      - Nathaniel Parker Willis

Heaven lies about us in our infancy.
      - William Wordsworth

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