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Jesus does not want us to say, "dead," for, He said, "all live unto Him," though they seem dead to us.
      - Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Remember to think of your departed mother always as living, just away in another room of our Father's house.
      - Maltbie Davenport Babcock

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.
      - Richard Bach

Certainly the contemplation of death, as the wages of sin, and passage to another world, is holy and religious; but the fear of it, as a tribute due unto Nature, is weak.
      - Francis Bacon

Death * * * openeth the gate to good fame, and extinguisheth envy.
      - Francis Bacon

Death is a friend of ours; and he that is not ready to entertain him is not at home.
      - Francis Bacon

He that dies in an earnest pursuit is like one that is wounded in hot blood; who, for the time, scarce feels the hurt; and therefore a mind fixed and bent upon somewhat that is good doth avert the dolors of death; but above all, believe it, the sweetest canticle is, "Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace."
      - Francis Bacon

What then remains, but that we still should cry
  Not to be born, or being born to die.
      - ascribed to Francis Bacon,
        a paraphrase of a Greek epigram

It is as natural to die as to be born; and to a little infant, perhaps, the one is as painful as the other.
      - Francis Bacon, Essays--Of Death

Men fear Death, as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other.
      - Francis Bacon, Essays--Of Death

Death is another life.
      - Philip James Bailey

Death is the gate of life.
      - Philip James Bailey

Death, thou art infinite; it is life is little.
      - Philip James Bailey

The sole equality on earth is death.
      - Philip James Bailey

Death is the universal salt of states;
  Blood is the base of all things--law and war.
      - Philip James Bailey, Festus
         (sc. A Country Town)

The death-change comes.
  Death is another life. We bow our heads
    At going out, we think, and enter straight
      Another golden chamber of the king's
        Larger than this we leave, and lovelier.
          And then in shadowy glimpses, disconnect,
            The story, flower-like, closes thus its leaves.
              The will of God is all in all. He makes,
                Destroys, remakes, for His own pleasure, all.
      - Philip James Bailey, Festus (sc. Home)

Death comes to us, under many conditions, with all the welcome serenity of sleep.
      - Hosea Ballou

So fades a summer cloud away;
  So sinks the gale when storms are o'er;
    So gently shuts the eye of day;
      So dies a wave along the shore.
      - Mrs. Anna Letitia Barbauld,
        The Death of the Virtuous

It is only the dead who do not return.
      - Bertrand Barere, Speech

When we come to die, we shall be alone. From all our worldly possessions we shall be about to part. Worldly friends--the friends drawn to us by our position, our wealth, or our social qualities,--will leave us as we enter the dark valley. From those bound to us by stronger ties--our kindred, our loved ones, children, brothers, sisters, and from those not less dear to us who have been made our friends because they and we are the friends of the same Saviour,--from them also we must part. Yet not all will leave us. There is One who "sticketh closer than a brother"--One who having loved His own which are in the world loves them to the end.
      - Albert Barnes

To die will be an awfully big adventure.
      - Sir James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

But whether on the scaffold high,
  Or in the battle's van,
    The fittest place where man can die
      Is where he dies for man.
      - Michael Joseph Barry, The Place to Die
         (vol. II, p. 809), in "The Dublin Nation"

Death robs the rich and relieves the poor.
      - James Lendall Basford

What a power has Death to awe and hush the voices of this earth!
  How mute we stand when that presence confronts us, and we took upon the silence he has wrought in a human life! We can only gaze, and bow our heads, and creep with our broken stammering utterances under the shelter of some great word which God has spoken, and in which we see through the history of human sorrow the outstretching and overshadowing of the eternal arms.
      - Walton W. Battershall

The churchyard is the market-place where all things are rated at their true value, and those who are approaching it talk of the world and its vanities with a wisdom unknown before.
      - Richard Baxter

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