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"But they are dead; those two are dead!
  Their spirits are in Heaven!"
    'Twas throwing words away; for still
      The little Maid would have her will,
        And said, "Nay, we are seven!"
      - William Wordsworth, We Are Seven

He first deceased; she for a little tried
  To live without him, liked it not, and died.
      - Sir Henry Wotton,
        Upon the Death of Sir Albertus Morton's Wife

I shall lie hidden in a hut
  In the middle of an alder wood,
    With the back door blind and bolted shut,
      And the front door locked for good.
        I shall lie folded like a saint,
          Lapped in a scented linen sheet,
            On a bedspread striped with bright-blue paint,
              Narrow and cold and neat.
                The midnight will be glassy black
                  Behind the panes, with wind about
                    To set his mouth against a crack
                      And blow the candle out.
      - Elinor Holt Wylie, Prophecy

Draw rein, draw breath,
  Cast a cold eye
    On life, on death.
      Horseman, pass by!
      - William Butler Yeats

O what fine thought we had because we thought that the worst rogues and rascals had died out.
      - William Butler Yeats

Death wounds to cure: we fall; we rise; we reign!
  Spring from our fetters; fasten in the skies;
    Where blooming Eden withers in our sight:
      Death gives us more than was in Eden lost.
        This king of terrors is the prince of peace.
      - Edward Young

Life is the triumph of our mouldering clay; death, of the spirit infinite! divine!
      - Edward Young

Like other tyrants, death delights to smite what, smitten, most proclaims the pride of power and arbitrary nod.
      - Edward Young

Man makes a death, which nature never made.
      - Edward Young

Soon as man, expert from time, has found the key of life, it opes the gates of death.
      - Edward Young

The death-bed of the just is yet undrawn
  By mortal hand--it merits, a divine.
    Angels should paint it--angels ever there
      There on a post of honour and of joy.
        A death-bed's a detector of the heart;--
          Here fired dissimulation drops her mask:
            Virtue alone has majesty in death.
      - Edward Young

The farthest from the fear are often nearest to the stroke of fate.
      - Edward Young

What day, what hour, but knocks at human hearts,
  To wake the soul to sense of future scenes?
    Deaths stand like Mercurys, in every way,
      And kindly point us to our journey's end.
      - Edward Young

Men drop so fast, ere life's mid stage we tread,
  Few know so many friends alive, as dead.
      - Edward Young, Love of Fame (l. 97)

Insatiate archer! could not one suffice?
  Thy shaft flew thrice; and thrice my peace was slain!
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night I, l. 212)

Who can take
  Death's portrait? The tyrant never sat.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night II, l. 52)

The chamber where the good man meets his fate
  Is privileged beyond the common walk
    Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of heaven.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night II, l. 633)

A death-bed's a detector of the heart.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night II, l. 641)

Lovely in death the beauteous ruin lay;
  And if in death still lovely, lovelier there;
    Far lovelier! pity swells the tide of love.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night III, l. 104)

Death is the crown of life;
  Were death denyed, poor man would live in vain;
    Were death denyed, to live would not be life;
      Were death denyed, ev'n fools would wish to die.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night III, l. 523)

The knell, the shroud, the mattock and the grave,
  The deep, damp vault, the darkness, and the worm.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night IV, l. 10)

As soon as man, expert from time, has found
  The key of life, it opes the gates of death.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night IV, l. 122)

And feels a thousand deaths, in fearing one.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night IV, l. 17)

Death loves a shining mark, a signal blow.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night V, l. 1,011)

Early, bright, transient, chaste, as morning dew
  She sparkled, was exhal'd, and went to heaven.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night V, l. 600)

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