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Life, that dares send
  A challenge to his end,
    And when it comes, say, "Welcome, friend!"
      - Richard Crashaw,
        Wished to his (Supposed) Mistress
         (st. 29)

I tell you we will cut off his head with the crown upon it.
      - Oliver Cromwell,
        in "Dictionary of National Biography," vol. XIII, in C.H. Firth's Cromwell article

We are born, then cry,
  We know not for why,
    And all our lives long
      Still but the same song.
      - attributed in Nathaniel Crouch (pen name of Robert (Richard) Butler),
        Fly Leaves,
        taken from Bristol Drollery, 1674

The most heaven-like spots I have ever visited have been certain rooms in which Christ's disciples were awaiting the summons of death. So, far from being a "house of mourning," I have often found such a house to be a vestibule of glory.
      - Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

Round, round the cypress bier
  Where she lies sleeping,
    On every turf a tear,
      Let us go weeping!
      - George Darley, Dirge

The best of men cannot suspend their fate:
  The good die early, and the bad die late.
      - Daniel Defoe,
        Character of the late Dr. S. Annesley

And though mine arm should conquer twenty worlds,
  There's a lean fellow beats all conquerors.
      - Thomas Dekker (Decker), Old Fortunatus
         (act I, sc. 1)

And some win peace who spend
  The skill of words to sweeten despair
    Of finding consolation where
      Life has but one dark end.
      - Walter de la Mare, The Riddlers

I expressed just now my mistrust of what is called Spiritualism-- . . . I owe it a trifle for a message said to come from Voltaire's Ghost. It was asked, "Are you not now convinced of another world?" and rapped out, "There is no other world--Death is only an incident in Life."
      - William de Morgan, Joseph Vance (ch. XI)

Death is a mighty, universal truth.
      - Charles Dickens

He would make a lovely corpse.
      - Charles Dickens

He'd make a lovely corpse.
      - Charles Dickens

In the destroyer's steps there spring up bright creations that defy his power and his dark path becomes a way of light to heaven.
      - Charles Dickens

It is an exquisite and beautiful thing in our nature, that, when the heart is touched and softened by some tranquil happiness or affectionate feeling, the memory of the dead comes over it most powerfully and irresistibly. It would seem almost as though our better thoughts and sympathies were charms, in virtue of which the soul is enabled to hold some vague and mysterious intercourse with the spirits of those whom we loved in life. Alas! how often and how long may these patient angels hover around us, watching for the spell which is so soon forgotten!
      - Charles Dickens

O, if the deeds of human creatures could be traced to their source, how beautiful would even death appear; for how much charity, mercy, and purified affection would be seen to have their growth in dusty graves!
      - Charles Dickens

The golden ripple on the wall came back again, and nothing else stirred in the room. The old, old fashion! The fashion that came in with our first garments, and will last unchanged until our race has run its course, and the wide firmament is rolled up like a scroll. The old, old fashion--Death! Oh, thank God, all who see it, for that older fashion yet--of Immortality!
      - Charles Dickens

To close the eyes, and give a seemly comfort to the apparel of the dead, is poverty's holiest touch of nature.
      - Charles Dickens

When death strikes down the innocent and young, for every fragile form from which he lets the panting spirit free, a hundred virtues rise, in shapes of mercy, charity, and love, to walk the world and bless it. Of every tear that sorrowing mortals shed on such green graves, some good is born, some gentler nature comes.
      - Charles Dickens

"People can't die, along the coast," said Mr. Peggotty, "except when the tide's pretty nigh out. They can't be born, unless it's pretty nigh in--not properly born, till flood. He's a-going out with the tide."
      - Charles Dickens,
        The Personal History of David Copperfield
         (ch. XXX)

Death is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell.
      - Emily Dickinson

Because I could not stop for Death--
  He kindly stopped for me--
    The Carriage held but just Ourselves--
      And Immortality.
      - Emily Dickinson,
        Because I could not stop for Death

Beloved in the Lord, if you only will lay hold of the Saviour's strength, and cast yourself entirely on His kind arms, with His dying grace He will do wonders for you in the dying hour. A great trembling may come upon you when you think of going down to tread the verge of Jordan; "for ye have not passed this way heretofore." But Jesus has; and you shall see His footprints on the shore. He will be your guide unto death, and through death.
      - Alexander Dickson

I think the dying pray at the last not please but thank you as a guest thanks his host at the door.
      - Annie Dillard

Soon for me the Light of day
  Shall forever pass away;
    Then from sin and sorrow free,
      Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee.
      - Bishop George Washington Doane

All our life is but a going out to the place of execution, to death.
      - Dr. John Donne

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