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For my boyhood's friend hath fallen, the pillar of my trust,
  The true, the wise, the beautiful, is sleeping in the dust.
      - George Stillman Hillard,
        On Death of Motley

We have fewer friends than we imagine, but more than we know.
      - Hugo von Hofmannsthal

Two friends, two bodies with one soul inspir'd.
      - Homer ("Smyrns of Chios"), The Iliad
         (bk. XVI, l. 267), (Pope's translation)

Wise were the kings who never chose a friend till with full cups they had unmasked his soul, and seen the bottom of his deepest thoughts.
      - Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

To have a great man for an intimate friend seems pleasant to those who have never tried it; those who have, fear it.
  [Lat., Dulcis inexpertis cultura potentis amici;
    Expertus metuit.]
      - Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus),
        Epistles (I, 18, 86)

True friends appear less mov'd than counterfeit.
      - Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus),
        Of the Art of Poetry (l. 486),
        (Wentworth Dillon's translation)

Summer friends vanish when the cask is drained to the dregs.
      - Marcus Horatius Barbatus

Nothing endears so much a friend as sorrow for his death. The pleasure of his company has not so powerful an influence.
      - David Hume

My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life.
      - Lee A. Iacocca

Sweet is the memory of distant friends!
  Like the mellow rays of the departing sun,
    It falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.
      - Washington Irving

The new is older than the old;
  And newest friend is oldest friend in this:
    That, waiting him, we longest grieved to miss
      One thing we sought.
      - Helen Hunt Jackson (Helen Hunt),
        My New Friend

An injured friend is the bitterest of foes.
      - Thomas Jefferson

Yes'm, old friends is always best, 'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of.
      - Sarah Orne Jewett

Friends are often chosen for similitude of manners, and therefore each palliates the other's failings because they are his own.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature")

How few of his friends' houses would a man choose to be at when he is sick.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature")

Let me smile with the wise, and feed with the rich.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature")

True happiness
  Consists not in the multitude of friends,
    But in the worth and choice. Nor would I have
      Virtue a popular regard pursue:
        Let them be good that love me, though but few.
      - Ben Jonson, Cynthia's Revels
         (act III, sc. 2)

'Tis sweet, as year by year we lose
  Friends out of sight, in faith to muse
    How grows in Paradise our store.
      - John Keble, Burial of the Dead (st. 11)

It is virtue which should determine us in the choice of our friends, without inquiring into their good or evil fortune.
      - Jean de la Bruyere

Men make the best friends.
      - Jean de la Bruyere

Two persons will not be friends long if they cannot forgive each other little failings.
      - Jean de la Bruyere

One faithful Friend is enough for a man's self, 'tis much to meet with such an one, yet we can't have too many for the sake of others.
      - Jean de la Bruyere,
        The Characters or Manners of the Present Age
         (ch. V)

Nothing is more dangerous than a friend without discretion; even a prudent enemy is preferable.
      - Jean de la Fontaine

It is good to have friends at court.
      - Charles Lamb (used pseudonym Elia)

Friend of my bosom, thou more than a brother,
  Why wert not thou born in my father's dwelling?
      - Charles Lamb (used pseudonym Elia),
        The Old Familiar Faces

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