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Who loves, raves--'tis youth's frenzy--but the cure
  Is bitterer still.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Childe Harold (canto IV, st. 123)

O! that the Desert were my dwelling place,
  With one fair Spirit for my minister,
    That I might all forget the human race,
      And, hating no one, love but only her!
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Childe Harold (canto IV, st. 177)

Man's love is of man's life a thing apart,
  'Tis woman's whole existence: man may range
    The court, camp, church, the vessel, and the mart,
      Sword, gown, gain, glory, offer in exchange
        Pride, fame, ambition, to fill up his heart,
          And few there are whom these cannot estrange;
            Men have all these resources, we but one,
              To love again, and be again undone.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Don Juan (canto I, st. 194)

Alas! the love of women! it is known
  To be a lovely and a fearful thing.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Don Juan (canto II, st. 199)

In her first passion woman loves her lover;
  In all the others, all she loves is love.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Don Juan (canto III, st. 3)

Why did she love him? Curious fool!--be still--
  Is human love the growth of human will?
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Lara (canto II, st. 22)

And to his eye
  There was but one beloved face on earth,
    And that was shining on him.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        The Dream (st. 2)

She knew she was by him beloved,--she knew
  For quickly comes such knowledge, that his heart
    Was darken'd with her shadow.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        The Dream (st. 3)

The cold in clime are cold in blood,
  Their love can scarce deserve the name.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        The Giaour (l. 1,099)

Yes, Love indeed is light from heaven;
  A spark of that immortal fire
    With angels shared, by Allah given
      To lift from earth our low desire.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        The Giaour (l. 1,131)

I'll bid the hyacinth to blow,
  I'll teach my grotto green to be;
    And sing my true love, all below
      The holly bower and myrtle tree.
      - Thomas Campbell, Caroline (pt. I)

My love lies bleeding.
      - Thomas Campbell, O'Connor's Child (st. 5)

He that loves a rosy cheek,
  Or a coral lip admires,
    Or from star-like eyes doth seek
      Fuel to maintain his fires;--
        As old Time makes these decay,
          So his flames must waste away.
      - Thomas Carew, Disdain Returned

Then fly betimes, for only they
  Conquer love, that run away.
      - Thomas Carew, Song--Conquest by Flight

Of all the girls that are so smart,
  There's none like pretty sally;
    She is the darling of my heart,
      And lives in our alley.
      - Henry Carey, Sally in our Alley

Let Time and Chance combine, combine!
  Let Time and Chance combine!
    The fairest love from heaven above,
      That love of yours was mine,
        My Dear!
          That love of yours was mine.
      - Thomas Carlyle, Adieu

Where there is great love, there are always wishes.
      - Willa Sibert Cather

What woman says to fond lover should be written on air or the swift water.
  [Lat., Mulier cupido quod dicit amanti,
    In vento et rapida scribere oportet aqua.]
      - Catullus (Caius Quintus Valerius Catullus),
        Carmina (LXX, 3)

It is difficult at once to relinquish a long-cherished love.
  [Lat., Difficile est longum subito deponere amorem.]
      - Catullus (Caius Quintus Valerius Catullus),
        Carmina (LXXVI, 13)

I hate and I love. Perchance you ask why I do that. I know not, but I feel that I do and I am tortured.
  [Lat., Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris. Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.]
      - Catullus (Caius Quintus Valerius Catullus),
        Carmina (LXXXV, 1)

My Lesbia, let us live and love.
  [Lat., Vivamus, mea Lesbia atque amemus.]
      - Catullus (Caius Quintus Valerius Catullus),
        Carmina (V, 1)

Love lasteth long as the money endureth.
      - William Caxton

The darts of love are blunted by maiden modesty.
      - Cervantes (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

There's no love lost between us.
      - Cervantes (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra),
        Don Quixote (bk. IV, ch. 13)

Love is more pleasing than marriage, because romances are more amusing than history.
      - Sebastien-Roch-Nicolas de Chamfort

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