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Dear as the light that visits these sad eyes,
  Dear as the ruddy drops that warm my heart.
      - Thomas Gray, The Bard (I, 3, l. 12)

O'er her warm cheek, and rising bosom, move
  The bloom of young Desire and purple light of love.
      - Thomas Gray, The Progress of Poesy
         (I, 3, l. 16)

One can't love humanity. One can only love people.
      - Graham Henry Greene

Love is a lock that linketh noble minds,
  Faith is the key that shuts the spring of love.
      - Robert Greene,
        Alcida--Verses Written under a Carving of Cupid Blowing Bladders in the Air

When God formed the rose, He said, "Thou shalt flourish and spread thy perfume." When He commanded the sun to emerge from chaos, he added, "Thou shalt enlighten and warm the world." When He gave life to the lark, He enjoined upon it to soar and sing in the air. Finally, He created man and told him to love. And seeing the sun shine, perceiving the rose scattering its odors, hearing the lark warble in the air, how can man help loving?
      - Anastasius Grun (pseudonym of Anton Alexander, Graf von Auersperg)

Far worse it is
  To lose than never to have tasted bliss.
    [Fr., Che mai
      Non v'avere o provate, o possedute.]
      - Giambattista Guarini (Giovanni Battista Guarini),
        Pastor Fido

The chemist of love
  Will this perishing mould,
    Were it made out of mire,
      Transmute into gold.
      - Mohammed Shems-ed-Deen Hafiz (pseudonym of Shams-Ed-Dinmuhammad),

Love is a passion that has friends in the garrison.
      - Charles Montagu Halifax, Lord Halifax

Fish got to swim and birds got to fly
  I got to love one man till I die,
    Can't help lovin' dat man of mine.
      - Oscar Hammerstein II,
        Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine,
        a song in the play "Showboat"

A youth's love is the more passionate; virgin love is the more idolatrous.
      - Augustus William Hare

Is not every true lover a martyr?
      - Augustus William Hare

Love, it has been said, flows downward. The love of parents for their children has always been far more powerful than that of children for their parents; and who among the sons of men ever loved God with a thousandth part of the love which God has manifested to us?
      - Augustus William Hare

Love understands love; it needs no talk.
      - Frances R. Havergal,
        Royal Commandments--Loving Allegiance

All brave men love; for he only is brave who has affections to fight for, whether in the daily battle of life or in physical contests.
      - Nathaniel Hawthorne

What a sweet reverence is that when a young man deems his mistress a little more than mortal and almost chides himself for longing to bring her close to his heart.
      - Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Marble Faun
         (vol. II, ch. XV)

To be capable of steady friendship or lasting love, are the two greatest proofs, not only of goodness of heart, but of strength of mind.
      - William Hazlitt (1)

Love is mutually feeding each other, not one living on another like a ghoul.
      - Bessie Head, A Question of Power

Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat.
      - Ben Hecht

It is an old story, yet remains ever new.
      - Heinrich Heine

The fountain of love is the rose and the lily, the sun and the dove.
      - Heinrich Heine

Oh, fair, oh sweet and holy as dew at morning tide,
  I gaze on thee, and yearnings, sad in my bosom hide.
    [Ger., Du bist wie eine Blume, so hold, so schon und rein;
      Ich shau' dich an und Wehmut schleicht mir ins Herz hinein.]
      - Heinrich Heine, Du bist wie eine Blume

It is an ancient story
  Yet it is ever new.
    [Ger., Es ist eine alte Geschichte,
      Doch bleibt sie immer neu.]
      - Heinrich Heine, Lyrisches Intermezzo (39)

And once again we plighted our troth,
  And titter'd, caress'd, kiss'd so dearly.
      - Heinrich Heine, Youthful Sorrows
         (no. 57, st. 2)

No man, or woman, was ever cured of love by discovering the falseness of his or her lover. The living together for three long, rainy days in the country has done more to dispel love than all the perfidies in love that have ever been committed.
      - Sir Arthur Helps

Alas! for love, if thou art all,
  And nought beyond, O earth.
      - Mrs. Felicia D. Hemans,
        The Graves of a Household

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