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What a man pays for bread and butter is worth its market value, and no more. What he pays for love's sake is gold indeed, which has a lure for angels' eyes, and rings well upon God's touchstone.
      - James Russell Lowell

True love is but a humble, low born thing,
  And hath its food served up in earthenware;
    It is a thing to walk with, hand in hand,
      Through the every-dayness of this workday world.
      - James Russell Lowell, Love (l. 1)

Not as all other women are
  Is she that to my soul is dear;
    Her glorious fancies come from far,
      Beneath the silver evening star,
        And yet her heart is ever near.
      - James Russell Lowell, My Love (st. 1)

He who loves not wine, woman, and song,
  Remains a fool his whole life long.
    [Ger., Wer nicht liebt Wein, Weib, and Gesang,
      Der bleibt ein Narr sein Leben lang.]
      - attributed to Martin Luther,
        by Uhland in "Die Geisterkelter", found at end of Luther's "Tischreden, Proverbs"

A heat full of coldness, a sweet full of bitterness, a pain full of pleasantness, which maketh thoughts have eyes, and hearts, and ears; bred by desire, nursed by delight, weaned by jealousy, killed by dissembling, buried by ingratitude; and this is love.
      - John Lyly (Lylie or Lyllie)

Cupid and my Campaspe play'd
  At cards for kisses; Cupid paid;
    He stakes his quiver, bow and arrows,
      His mother's doves, and team of sparrows;
        Loses them too; then down he throws
          The coral of his lip,--the rose
            Growing on 's cheek (but none knows how)
              With these, the crystal on his brow,
                And then the dimple of his chin;
                  All these did my campaspe win.
                    At last he set her both his eyes,
                      She won, and Cupid blind did rise.
                        O Love! hath she done this to thee?
                          What shall, alas! become of me?
      - John Lyly (Lylie or Lyllie),
        Alexander and Campaspe
         (act III, sc. V, song)

It is better to poyson hir with the sweet bait of love.
      - John Lyly (Lylie or Lyllie), Euphues

Nothing is more hateful than love.
      - John Lyly (Lylie or Lyllie), Euphues

As love knoweth no lawes, so it regardeth no conditions.
      - John Lyly (Lylie or Lyllie), Euphues
         (p. 84)

Love can hope, where reason would despair.
      - Lord George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton ("The Good Lord Lyttelton")

None without hope e'er lov'd the brightest fair:
  But Love can hope where Reason would despair.
      - Lord George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton ("The Good Lord Lyttelton"),
        Advice to a Lady (st. 13)

The lover in the husband may be lost.
      - Lord George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton ("The Good Lord Lyttelton"),

I loved you ere I knew you; know you now,
  And having known you, love you better still.
      - Lord Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton ("Owen Meredith"),

Love's a disease. But curable.
      - Rose Macaulay, Crewe Train

But thou, through good and evil, praise and blame,
  Wilt not thou love me for myself alone?
    Yes, thou wilt love me with exceeding love,
      And I will tenfold all that love repay;
        Still smiling, though the tender may reprove,
          Still faithful, though the trusted may betray.
      - Thomas Babington Macaulay,
        Lines Written July 30, 1847

If, instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.
      - George MacDonald

This lass so neat, with smile so sweet,
  Has won my right good will,
    I'd crowns resign to call her mine,
      Sweet lass of Richmond Hill.
      - ascribed to Leonard MacNally,
        who married Miss I'Anson, one of the claimants for the "Lass," by Sir Joseph Barrington

He who loves the more is the inferior and must suffer.
      - Thomas Mann

It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death.
      - Thomas Mann

If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools.
      - Katherine Mansfield

Love is like a charming romance which is read with avidity, and often with such impatience that many pages are skipped to reach the denouement sooner.
      - Sylvain Marechal

Who ever lov'd, that lov'd not at first sight?
      - Christopher Marlowe,
        Hero and Leander--First Sestiad (l. 176)

Love me little, love me long.
      - Christopher Marlowe, The Jew of Malta
         (act IV, sc. 6)

Come live with me, and be my love,
  And we will all the pleasures prove,
    That valleys, groves, or hills, or fields,
      Or woods and steepy mountains, yield.
      - Christopher Marlowe,
        The Passionate Shepherd to his Love
         (st. 1)

If one does not possess what one loves, one should love what one has.
  [Fr., Quand on n'a pas ce que l'on aime, il faut aimer ce que l'on a.]
      - Jean Francois Marmontel,
        quoted by Moore in "Irish Melodies", "The Irish Peasant to His Mistress"

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