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May we never know want till relief is at hand.
      - [Toasts]

May we never murmur without cause, and never have cause to murmur.
      - [Toasts]

May we never speak to deceive, nor listen to betray.
      - [Toasts]

May we never want bread to make a toast or a good cook to prepare it.
      - [Toasts]

Men of the world hold that it is impossible to do a disinterested action, except from an interested motive; for the sake of admiration, if for no grosser, more tangible gain. Doubtless they are also convinced that, when the sun is showering light from the sky, he is only standing there to be stared at.
      - [Disinterestedness]

Obedience does not stop for mystery, but, going on, sees twilight, brighten into day. How can wheat and corn become energy to think, and love, and work? Who can tell, but who can doubt? When we obey God's laws, it is as if an angel troubled the water, and instantly life and power emerge. Loyalty discovers. It is not merely the illumination, but the transfiguration of life; a brave departure, and then a discovery; "Westward-ho," and then a new world.
      - [Discovery]

Of the dead be nothing said but what is good.
  [Lat., De mortuis nil nisi bonum.]
      - translation possibly attributable to James Whitcomb Riley

One can never repeat too often, that reason, as it exists in man, is only our intellectual eye, and that, like the eye, to see, it needs light,--to see clearly and far, it needs the light of Heaven.
      - [Reason]

One fact is better than one hundred analogies.
      - [Facts]

Open the map of our North American Continent, and see how the land was shaped for immeasurable prosperities. Behold the navigable rivers, greater and more numerous than those of any other land, running down to the sea in all directions--prophecy of large manufactures and easy commerce. Look at the great ranges of mountains, timbered with wealth on the tops and sides, and metaled with wealth underneath; 180,000 square miles of coal; 180,000 square miles of iron. The land so contoured that extreme weather seldom lasts more than three days. For the most of the year the climate is bracing, and favorable for brawn and brain. All fruits, all min-erals, all harvests. Scenery which displays an autumnal pageantry which no other land pretends to rival. No South American earthquakes. No Scotch mists. No English fogs. No Egyptian plagues. No Germanic divisions. The happiest people on the earth are the people of the United States. The poor man has more chance, the industrious man more opportunity. How good God was to our fathers! How good God is to us and our children!
      - second part of quotation, see "Before Columbus. . ."
        [Discovery Day]

Other birds fight in flocks, but the eagle fights his battles alone.
      - [Eagles]

Other sciences may strengthen certain faculties of the soul; some the intellect, some the imagination, some the memory; but Christianity strengthens the soul itself.
      - [Christianity]

Our Country: May she always be in the right--but our country, right or wrong.
      - [Toasts]

Our Native Land: May it ever be worthy of our heartiest love.
      - [Toasts]

Our President: May he always merit the esteem and affection of a people ever ready to bestow gratitude on those who deserve it.
      - [Toasts]

Personal Christianity is not a creed, however orthodox; not a ritualism, however Scriptural; not a profession, however outwardly consistent; not a service, however seemingly useful; but is Christ in man.
      - [Christianity]

Secrecy has been well termed the soul of all great designs. Perhaps more has been effected by concealing our own intentions, than by discovering those of our enemy. But great men succeed in both.
      - [Secrecy]

Sects differ; but, with few exceptions they agree not only that a life of unselfish love will insure heaven, but that repentance and faith are the way by which one enters into this path of life.
      - in The Independent

Some people carry their hearts in their heads; very many carry their heads in their hearts. The difficulty is to keep them apart, and yet both actively working together.
      - [Feeling]

That should be maturely considered which can be decided but once.
      - [Consideration]

The American Navy: May it ever sail on a sea of glory.
      - [Toasts]

The ascension of Christ added distance to definiteness in worship. Definiteness we must have, as ever craving for a theophany, every instinct of idolatry proves. "Lord, show us the Father and it sufficeth us" is prompted by this feeling. The Incarnation is God's response to this human need. But imagine Jesus living on indefinitely after the resurrection, even under the earthly conditions which obtained during those forty days!
      - [Ascension Day]

The Bible has been my guide in perplexity, and my comfort in trouble. It has roused me when declining, and animated me in languor. Other writings may be good, but they want certainty and force. The Bible carries its own credentials along with it, and proves spirit and life to the soul. In other writings I hear the words of a stranger or a servant. In the Bible I hear the language of my Father and my friend. Other books contain only the picture of bread. The Bible presents me with real manna, and feeds me with the bread of life.
      - [Bible]

The black man will not be faded out by miscegenation. The fate of the Indian, and the supposed fate of all weaker races in the presence of the stronger, will not be the fortune of the American negro. He has his great defense already in his hand. He is the peer at the ballot-box and in the courts of his white fellow-citizen. For the present, through his ignorance, he is made his tool, or is wronged out of his rights. He may make merchandise of his right of suffrage for a while; but it is his, and every year he will come to have a higher conception of its significance.
      - in the North American Review
        [Emancipation Day]

The blessing of an active mind, when it is in a good condition, is, that it not only employs itself, but is almost sure to be the means of giving wholesome employment to others.
      - [Mind]

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