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Tush! Tush! my lassie, such thoughts resigne,
  Comparisons are cruele:
    Fine pictures suit in frames as fine,
      Consistencie's a jewell.
        For thee and me coarse cloathes are best,
          Rude folks in homelye raiment drest,
            Wife Joan and goodman Robin.
      - Jolly Robyn-Roughhead,
        fake ballad appeared in American Newspaper

Examples hasten deeds to good effects.
      - Mirror for Magistrates [Example]

What wit so sharp is found in age or youth,
  That can distinguish truth from treachery?
    Falsehood puts on the face of simple truth,
      And masks i' th' habit of plain honesty,
        When she in heart intends most villany.
      - Mirror for Magistrates [Falsehood]

Few special days in the average Sunday school are looked forward to with such eager expectancy on the part of the scholars as Children's Day. Even fathers and mothers, big brothers and sisters, who perhaps seldom enter church doors, go then if at no other time. With many schools it is practically the end of a year's work and an anniversary corresponding to Commencement Day in our public schools. But in every school it may be a day of unusual opportunity for presenting the joy of the Christ-life and the friendship of the All-Loving One to many who perhaps are not reached at other times during the year.
      - New Century Teachers' Monthly
        [Children's Day]

The mother in her office holds the key of the soul.
      - Old Play [Mothers]

How pleasant it is for a father to sit at his child's board. It is like the aged man reclining under the shadow of the oak which he has planted.
      - Scot's Magazine [Parents]

Profligacy in taking office is so extreme that we have no doubt public men may be found who for half a century would postpone all remedies for a pestilence, if the preservation of their places depended upon the propagation of the virus.
      - Selected [Election Day]

Faith is the revealer of knowledge; it is the office of reason to defend that knowledge and to preserve it pure. Independent knowledge--the knowledge that comes not through faith--whether it be of things earthly or things heavenly, never can be ours.
      - Sunday School Times [Faith]

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us.
      - The Lord's Prayer [Forgiveness]

With temper calm and mild,
  And words of soften'd tone,
    He overthrows his neighbor's cause,
      And justifies his own.
      - Vicksburg Wick [Argument]

Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace, whereby we receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation as He is offered to us in the gospel.
      - Westminster Catechism [Faith in Christ]

He left a load of anthracite\In front of a poor woman's door.
  When the deep snow, frozen and white,\Wrapped street and square, mountain and moor,\That was his deed.\He did it well.\"What was his creed?"\I cannot tell.
    Blessed "in his basket and his store,"\In sitting down and rising up;\When more he got, he gave the more,\Withholding not the crust and cup.\He took the lead\In each good task.\"What was his creed?"\I did not ask.
      His charity was like the snow,\Soft, white, and silent in its fall;\Not like the noisy winds that blow\From shivering trees the leaves,--a pall\For flowers and weed,\Drooping below.\"What was his creed?"\The poor may know.
        He had great faith in loaves of bread\For hungry people, young and old,\Hope he inspired; kind words he said\To those he sheltered from the cold.\For we should feed\As well as pray.\ "What was his creed?"\He told not me.
          In words he did not put his trust;\His faith in words he never writ;\He loved to share his cup and crust\With all mankind who needed it.\In time of need\A friend was he.\"What was his creed?" \He told not me.
            He put his trust in heaven, and he\Worked well with hand and head;\And what he gave in charity\Sweetened his sleep and daily bread.\Let us take heed,\For life is brief.\What was his creed--\ What his belief?
      - What Was His Creed? [Faith]

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