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Roman poet
(65 BC - 8 BC)
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Many heroes lived before Agamemnon, but they are all unmourned, and consigned to oblivion, because they had no bard to sing their praises.
  [Lat., Vixere fortes ante Agamemnona
    Multi: sed omnes illacrimabiles
      Urgentur, ignotique longa
        Nocte, carent quia vate sacro.]
      - Carmina (IV, 9, 25) [Heroes]

Excellence when concealed, differs but little from buried worthlessness.
  [Lat., Paullum sepultae distat inertiae
    Celata virtus.]
      - Carmina (IV, 9, 29) [Character]

You will not rightly call him a happy man who possesses much; he more rightly earns the name of happy who is skilled in wisely using the gifts of the gods, and in suffering hard poverty, and who fears disgrace as worse than death.
  [Lat., Non possidentem multa vocaveris
    Recte beatum; rectius occupat
      Nomen beati, qui Deorum
        Muneribus sapienter uti,
          Duramque callet pauperiem pati,
            Pejusque leto flagitium timet.]
      - Carmina (IX, bk. 4, 9, 45) [Happiness]

If the old shower-foretelling crow
  Croak not her boding note in vain,
    To-morrow's eastern storm shall strow
      The woods with leaves, with weeds the main.
      - Ecce Homo Amore!
         (book III, ode XVII, l. 9),
        (Francis translation) [Crows]

The footsteps are terrifying, all coming towards you and none going back again.
  [Lat., Vestigia terrent
    Omnia te adversum spectantia, nulla retrorsum.]
      - Epistles (bk. I, 1, 74) [Footsteps]

Here indeed I am; this is my position.
  [Lat., Nimirum hic ego sum.]
      - Epistles (bk. I, 15, 42) [War]

Like Theon (i.e., a calumniating disposition).
  [Lat., Dens Theonia.]
      - Epistles (bk. I, 18, 82)
        [Calumny : Proverbial Phrases]

The trainer trains the docile horse to turn, with his sensitive neck, whichever way the rider indicates.
  [Lat., Fingit equum tenera docilem cervice magister
    Ire viam qua monstret eques.]
      - Epistles (bk. I, 2, 64) [Teaching]

In the midst of hope and anxiety, in the midst of fear and anger, believe every day that has dawned to be your last; happiness which comes unexpected will be the more welcome.
  [Lat., Inter spem curamque, timores inter et iras,
    Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum:
      Grata superveniet, quae non sperabitur, hora.]
      - Epistles (bk. I, 4, 13) [Day]

You may see me, fat and shining, with well-cared for hide, . . . a hog from Epicurus' herd.
  [Lat., Me pinguem et nitidum bene curata cute vises,
    . . . Epicuri de grege porcum.]
      - Epistles (bk. I, IV, 15, 16) [Swine]

Busy idleness urges us on.
  [Lat., Strenua nos exercet inertia.]
      - Epistles (bk. I, XI, 28) [Idleness]

For a man learns more quickly and remembers more easily that which he laughs at, than that which he approves and reveres.
  [Lat., Discit enim citius, meminitque libentius ilud
    Quod quis deridet, quam quod probat et veneratur.]
      - Epistles (bk. II, 1, 262) [Laughter]

It is time for thee to be gone, lest the age more decent in its wantonness should laugh at thee and drive thee of the stage.
  [Lat., Tempus abire tibi est, ne . . .
    Rideat et pulset lasciva decentius aetas.]
      - Epistles (bk. II, 2, 215) [Age]

I (i.e. my writings) shall be consigned to that part of the town where they sell incense, and scents, and pepper, and whatever is wrapped up in worthless paper.
  [Lat., Deferar in vicum vendentem thus et odores,
    Et piper, et quicquid chartis amicitus ineptis.]
      - Epistles (bk. II, I, 269) [Authorship]

He pulls down, he builds up, he changes squares into circles.
  [Lat., Diruit aedificat, mutat quadrata rotundis.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 100) [Change]

My cares and my inquiries are for decency and truth, and in this I am wholly occupied.
      - Epistles (I, 1, 11) [Truth]

Wherever the storm carries me, I go a willing guest.
  [Lat., Quo me cumque rapit tempestas deferor hospes.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 15) [Guests]

And I endeavour to subdue circumstances to myself, and not myself to circumstances.
  [Lat., Et mihi res, non me rebus, subjungere conor.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 191) [Circumstance]

Virtue consists in avoiding vice, and is the highest wisdom.
  [Lat., Virtus est vitium fugere, et sapientia prima.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 41) [Virtue]

Silver is less valuable than gold, gold than virtue.
  [Lat., Vilius argentum est auro virtutibus aurum.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 52) [Virtue]

Money is to be sought for first of all; virtue after wealth.
  [Lat., Quaerenda pecunia primum est; virtus post nummos.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 53) [Money]

Be this thy brazen bulwark, to keep a clear conscience, and never turn pale with guilt.
  [Lat., Hic murus aeneus esto,
    Nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 60) [Conscience]

Money, make money; by honest means if you can; if not, by any means make money.
  [Lat., Rem facias rem, Recte si possis, si non, quocumque modo rem.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 65) [Money]

I am frightened at seeing all the footprints directed towards thy den, and none returning.
  [Lat., Quia ne vestigia terrent
    Omnia te adversum spectantia, nulla retrosum.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 74) [Fear]

No steps backward.
  [Lat., Vestigia nulla retrorsum.]
      - Epistles (I, 1, 74) [Ambition]

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