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Roman philosopher and moralist
(4 BC - 65 AD)
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Many have reached their fate while dreading fate.
  [Lat., Multi ad fatum
    Venere suum dum fata timent.]
      - Oedipus (993) [Fate]

Desperate evils generally make men safe.
  [Lat., Solent suprema facere securos mala.]
      - Oedipus (CCCLXXXVI) [Evil]

He who tenders doubtful safety to those in trouble refuses it.
  [Lat., Dubiam salutem qui dat adflictis negat.]
      - Oedipus (CCXIII) [Trouble]

For I do not distinguish them by the eye, but by the mind, which is the proper judge of the man.
      - Of a Happy Life (ch. I),
        (L'Estrange's Abstract) [Judgment : Mind]

It is the practice of the multitude to bark at eminent men, as little dogs do at strangers.
      - Of a Happy Life (ch. XIX) [Envy]

We sought therefore to amend our will, and not to suffer it through despite to languish long time in error.
      - Of Benefits (bk. V, ch. XXV, ep. 67)

Any one may take like from man, but no one death; a thousand gates stand open to it.
  [Lat., Eripere vitam nemo non homini potest;
    At nemo mortem; mille ad hanc aditus patent.]
      - Phoenissoe (CLII) [Death]

A hated government does not last long.
  [Lat., Invisa numquam imperia retinentur diu.]
      - Phoenissoe (VI, 60) [Government]

He gives a benefit twice who gives quickly.
  [Lat., Inopi beneficium bis dat, qui dat celeriter.]
      - Proverbs of Seneca [Benefit]

No one lives so poor as he is born.
  [Lat., Nemo tam pauper vivit quam natus est.]
      - Quare bonis viris [Poverty]

An age builds up cities: an hour destroys them. In a moment the ashes are made, but a forest is a long time growing.
  [Lat., Urbes constituit aetas: hora dissolvit: momento fit cinis: diu sylva.]
      - Quoestionum Naturalium (bk. III, 27)

The soul has this proof of its divinity; that divine things delight it.
  [Lat., Animus hoc habet argumentum divinitatis suae, quod illum divina delectant.]
      - Quoestionum Naturalium (praefet ad 1 lib)

If you wish to fear nothing, consider that consider that everything is to be feared.
  [Lat., Si vultis nihil timere, cogitate omnia esse timenda.]
      - Quoestionum Naturalium (VI, 2) [Fear]

Silence is learned by the many misfortunes of life.
  [Lat., Tacere multis discitur vitae malis.]
      - Thyestes (319) [Silence]

Nobody has ever found the gods so much his friends that he can promise himself another day.
  [Lat., Nemo tam divos habuit faventes,
    Crastinum ut possit sibi polliceri.]
      - Thyestes (619) [Time]

A good mind possesses a kingdom.
  [Lat., Mens bona regnum possidet.]
      - Thyestes (act II, 380) [Mind]

No one has had gods so favourable to him that he can promise himself a morrow.
  [Lat., Nemo tamen divos habuit faventeis
    Crastinum ut possit sibi polliceri.]
      - Thyestes (act III, l. 619) [Tomorrow]

Death presses heavily on that man, who, being but too well known to others, dies in ignorance of himself.
  [Lat., Illi mors gravis incubat qui notus nimis omnibus ignotus moritur sibi.]
      - Thyestes (CCCCI) [Ignorance]

It is too late to be on our guard when we are in the midst of evils.
  [Lat., Serum est cavendi tempus in mediis malis.]
      - Thyestes (CCCCLXXXVII) [Evil]

An honest heart possesses a kingdom.
  [Lat., Mens regnum bona possidet.]
      - Thyestes (CCCLXXX) [Honesty]

While you look at what is given, look also at the giver.
  [Lat., Cum quod datur spectabis, et dantem adspice!]
      - Thyestes (CCCXVI) [Gifts]

The fearful face usually betrays great guilt.
  [Lat., Multa trepidus solet
    Detegere vultus.]
      - Thyestes (CCCXXX) [Guilt]

Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for a kindness.
  [Lat., Unicumque homo est, ibi beneficio locus est.]
      - Thyestes (CCXIV) [Kindness]

Poison is drunk out of gold.
  [Lat., Venenum in auro bibitur.]
      - Thyestes (III, 453) [Poison]

While crime is punished it yet increases.
  [Lat., Dumque punitur scelus,
      - Thyestes (XXXI) [Crime]

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