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Cabal [See Conspiracy]
Cabbage (2) [Also see Vegetables]
Cabinet-making [See Carpentry Furniture]
Cabinets [See Furniture]
Cajolery [See Flattery]
Calamities (18) [Also see Adversity Disaster Misery Misfortune]
Calculation (1) [Also see Arithmetic Computers Cunning Mathematics]
Calculus [See Geometry Mathematicians Mathematics]
Calendar [See Sunday]
California (1) [Also see America]
Calm (3)
Calmness (8) [Also see Contentment Death Equanimity Peace Repose Resignation Rest]
Calumny (42) [Also see Abuse Babblers Criticism Falsehood Gossip Lying Malice Reputation Scandal

Cam River (1) [Also see England Rivers]
Camaraderie [See Companionship Friendship Socializing]
Camomiles (1) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Canada [See Countries Dominion Day Montreal Yukon]
Canaries (3) [Also see Animals Birds]
Candor (12) [Also see Bluntness Concealment Conspiracy Deceit Evasion Frankness Honesty Openness
           Reserve Secrecy Simplicity Sincerity Truth]

Cant (9) [Also see Affectation Deceit Hypocrisy Insincerity Pretension Self-righteousness

Capacity (5) [Also see Ability Character Genius Helplessness Intellect Talent]
Capital Punishment (1) [Also see Murder Punishment]
Capitalism (11) [Also see Aristocracy Business Communism Democracy Dictatorship Fascism Government
           Monarchy Socialism Totalitarianism]

Caprice (10) [Also see Fickleness]
Carcassonne (1) [Also see Cities]
Cardinal Flowers (1) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Cards (15) [Also see Aces Amusements Chance Fortune Gambling Games Luck Poker Recreation Wagers]
Care (54) [Also see Anxiety Attention Burdens Carefulness Caring Caution Concern Discretion
           Economy Importance Indifference Interest Neglect Prudence Recklessness Responsibility
           Safety Trouble Watchfulness Worry]

Careers [See Management Work]
Carefulness (1) [Also see Care Caring Discretion Economy Prudence]
Carelessness (5) [Also see Recklessness]
Caresses [See Kisses]
Caricature (2) [Also see Art Exaggeration Painting Ridicule Satire]
Caring (1) [Also see Care Carefulness]
Carnage [See Murder]
Carnivorous [See Diet]
Carpentry (11) [Also see Architecture Building Occupations]
Carping [See Complaining]
Carriages [See Horses Livery]
Cassia (1) [Also see Trees]
Castigation [See Punishment]
Castles in the Air (10) [Also see Dreams Imagination]
Casuistry [See Morality Sophistry]
Catastrophe [See Adversity]
Catchphrases (7) [Also see Old Sayings Proverbial Phrases Proverbs Proverbs (General)]
Catholicism [See Christianity Nuns Pope Priests Religion]
Cats (21) [Also see Animals Dogs Mammals Mice]
Cattle (1) [Also see Animals Bulls Cows Mammals]
Cause (29) [Also see Beginnings End Justification Motive Reason]
Caution (23) [Also see Care Conservation Conservatism Consideration Cowardice Discretion Forethought
           Frugality Policy Prudence Rashness Recklessness Reflection Self-control Vigilance Watchfulness]

Cavil [See Sophistry]
Cedar (3) [Also see Trees]
Celandines (3) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Celebration (1) [Also see Birthday Commendation Harvest Home Remembrance]
Celebrity (1) [Also see Actors Cinema Fame Movies Theatre]
Celerity (1)
Celibacy (12) [Also see Chastity]
Cemeteries (1) [Also see Churches Churchyards Funerals Graves Undertakers]
Cenotaphs [See Monuments]
Censorship (8) [Also see Free Speech Freedom Press Speech Theatre]
Censure (20) [Also see Abuse Applause Blame Criticism Flattery Praise Rebuke Reproof Vituperation]
Ceremony (20) [Also see Court Courtiers Elegance Etiquette Honor Manners Ostentation Royalty
           Simplicity Society]

Certainty (11) [Also see Chance Doubt Facts Uncertainty]
Chagrin [See Anger]
Chairs [See Furniture]
Challenge (7) [Also see Contention Cowardice Dueling Quarreling]
Champac (1) [Also see Trees]
Chance (59) [Also see Accident Adventure Cards Certainty Choice Destiny Doubt Fate Fickleness
           Fortune Gambling Luck Opportunity Providence Vicissitudes Wagers]

Change (154) [Also see Choice Destiny Events Fate Fickleness Improvement Inconsistency Inconstancy
           Indecision Innovation Luck Mutability Novelty Progress Reform Vacillation Variety Vicissitudes]

Changeable [See Change Irresolution Steadfastness Vacillation]
Chaos (14) [Also see Anarchy Antiquity Confusion Creation Decay Desolation Disorder Evolution
           Ruin World]

Character (375) [Also see Ability Ancestry Attitude Audacity Bravery Capacity Circumstance
           Class Cleverness Conscience Consistency Daring Decision Dignity Disposition Distinction
           Duty Eloquence Enthusiasm Environment Ethics Example Fame Faults Genius Goodness Honor
           Individuality Innocence Integrity Kindness Man Men Merit Modesty Morality Names Nature
           Nobility Obedience Perfection Personality Principles Quality Rashness Recklessness Reform
           Reformation Reputation Resolution Responsibility Sportsmanship Talent Temper Temperament
           Virtue Women Worth]

Charity (168) [Also see Alms Beggary Benefit Benevolence Christianity Compassion Favors Forgiveness
           Friendship Generosity Gifts Goodness Help Humanity Kindness Liberality Love Magnanimity
           Mercy Philanthropy Selfishness Welfare Well-doing]

Charlatans [See Doctors Physicians Quackery Quacks]
Charm (14) [Also see Address Beauty Grace Pleasing]
Chase (13) [Also see Amusements Animals Sport]
Chastisement [See Punishment]
Chastity (47) [Also see Bachelors Blushes Celibacy Innocence Maidenhood Modesty Purity Vice
           Virginity Virtue Women]

Chattahoochee River (1) [Also see Rivers]
Chattels [See Possession]
Chatter [See Babblers]
Cheating (2) [Also see Dishonesty Fraud]
Cheerfulness (87) [Also see Amiability Complacency Contentment Gaiety Good Humor Happiness
           Joy Melancholy Merriment Moroseness Optimism Pessimism Pleasing Pleasure Smiles Vivacity]

Cheese (1) [Also see Food]
Chemistry [See Alchemy Fire Science]
Cherry (1) [Also see Trees]
Chess (1) [Also see Games]
Chestnut (2) [Also see Trees]
Chicago (2) [Also see Cities]
Chicanery [See Artifice]
Chickens [See Birds Cocks Eggs Hens]
Childhood (118) [Also see Ancestry Babyhood Boyhood Children Daughters Girlhood Innocence Love
           Matrimony Motherhood Simplicity Sons Wives Women Youth]

Children (174) [Also see Babies Babyhood Birth Childhood Daughters Death of Children Descendants
           Family Fathers Girls Heirs Infancy Maidenhood Marriage Mothers Old Age Parents Posterity
           Sons Youth]

Children's Day (19) [Also see Holidays Religion Sunday School]
China (3) [Also see Asia Countries]
Chivalry (2) [Also see Adventure Baseness Courage Courtesy Magnanimity Manners Reverence
           Romance Valor]

Choice (53) [Also see Chance Change Decision Destiny Duty Freedom God Liberty Luck Necessity
           Opportunity Preference Prudence Resolution Suffrage Taste Ultimatum Variety Will Wishes]

Choler [See Anger]
Christ (108) [Also see Christ (Saviour) Christian Christianity Christians Christmas Churches
           Cross Death of Christ Doctrine Easter Faith in Christ God Good Friday Perfection Providence
           Redemption Religion Resurrection Resurrection of Christ Theology]

Christ (Saviour) (47) [Also see Christ Christian Christianity Christians Christmas Churches
           Cross Death of Christ Doctrine Easter Faith in Christ God Good Friday Perfection Providence
           Redemption Religion Resurrection Resurrection of Christ Theology]

Christian (31) [Also see Christ Christ (Saviour) Christianity Christians Death of Christ Faith in Christ
           Resurrection Resurrection of Christ]

Christianity (143) [Also see Advent Belief Benevolence Bible Brotherhood Charity Christ Christ (Saviour)
           Christian Christians Churches Conversion Creed Cross Death of Christ Doctrine Faith
           Faith in Christ God Good Friday Gospel Hope Humanitarianism Infidelity Ministers Morality
           Pope Providence Redemption Religion Repentance Resurrection Resurrection of Christ Sects
           Theology Worship]

Christians (3) [Also see Christ Christ (Saviour) Christian Christianity Death of Christ Resurrection of Christ]
Christmas (68) [Also see Christ Christ (Saviour) Death of Christ December Holidays Resurrection of Christ
           Santa Claus Snow Trees]

Chrysanthemums (2) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Churches (85) [Also see Bells Cemeteries Christ Christ (Saviour) Christianity Churchyards
           Clergy Clergymen Death of Christ Devil Doctrine Easter God Holiness Installation Service
           Ministers Prayer Preaching Priests Redemption Reform Reformation Religion Resurrection of Christ
           Sabbath Theology Worship]

Churchyards (3) [Also see Cemeteries Churches Graves]
Cinema (1) [Also see Acting Actors Celebrity Movie Quotes Movies Radio Television Theatre]
Circles (10) [Also see Geometry]
Circumspection (1) [Also see Prudence]
Circumstance (56) [Also see Accident Character Destiny Environment Events Facts Fate Fortune
           Life Opportunity Position Results]

Circumvention [See Artifice]
Cities (57) [Also see Athens Boston Carcassonne Chicago Citizenship Civilization Cologne Communities
           Countries Country Life Country Dresden Florence London Montreal Naples Neighbors New York
           Nuremburg Paris Philadelphia Prague Rome Ruin Ruins Society Towns Venice Villages Washington, D.C.]

Citizens [See Cities]
Citizenship (2) [Also see Cities Nationality Patriotism]
Civil Disobedience (2) [Also see Crime Government Law Protest]
Civil Rights [See Equality Human Rights Rights]
Civil War [See Decoration Day War]
Civility (7) [Also see Address Amiability Complacency Courtesy Deference Good Breeding Incivility
           Insult Manners Politeness Refinement Rudeness]

Civilization (37) [Also see Cities Cultivation Improvement Mankind Progress Refinement Ruins

Class (6) [Also see Character Rank Society]
Cleanliness (15) [Also see Apparel Appearance Dirt Fastidiousness Life Purity Water]
Clematis (1)
Clemency (6) [Also see Compassion Cruelty Forbearance Forgiveness Gentleness Magnanimity
           Mercy Pardon Pity]

Clergy (5) [Also see Churches Clergymen Installation Service Ministers Priests]
Clergymen (30) [Also see Churches Clergy Installation Service Ministers Priests]
Cleverness (8) [Also see Ability Character Wit]
Climate (2)
Clique [See Faction]
Clocks (4) [Also see Jewels]
Cloth [See Clothes]
Clothes (12) [Also see Apparel Dress Fashion Lingerie Nudity]
Clouds (43) [Also see Adversity Aurora Moon Morning Mountains Nature Rain Rainbows Shadows
           Sky Sun Sunrise Sunset Thunder Twilight Wind]

Clover (5) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Clumsiness [See Awkwardness]
Clyde River (1) [Also see Rivers Scotland]
Cocks (5) [Also see Birds Hens]
Coercion [See Force]
Coffee (2) [Also see Drinking Tea Water]
Coincidence [See Accident]
Cold (1) [Also see Heat Icicles Snow Unemotional]
Colleges (2) [Also see Schools Universities]
Collusion [See Conspiracy]
Cologne (1) [Also see Cities Germany]
Colonialism (1) [Also see Diplomacy Isolationism]
Colors (3) [Also see Gray]
Columbines (5) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Columbus (1) [Also see Discovery Day Explorers]
Comedians [See Actors Comedy Humor Jokes]
Comedy (6) [Also see Humor Laughter Tragedy Writing]
Comets (5) [Also see Sun]
Comfort (28) [Also see Consolation Contentment Encouragement Home Pain Pleasure Rest Satisfaction

Command (2) [Also see Commanders]
Commanders (3) [Also see Army Authority Command Masters Power Soldiers Statesmanship]
Commendation (1) [Also see Celebration Praise]
Commerce (23) [Also see Banks Bargain Business Economics Finance Salesmanship Stock Market

Commiseration [See Sympathy]
Commitment (2)
Committees (2) [Also see Organization]
Common Sense (27) [Also see Absurdity Discretion Good Sense Intelligence Logic Prudence Reason
           Sense Wisdom]

Commonplace (1)
Commonwealth (1)
Communication (12) [Also see Letters Media Post Radio Telegraph Telephone Television]
Communion (19) [Also see Religion Sacrament]
Communism (14) [Also see Aristocracy Brotherhood Capitalism Democracy Dictatorship Fascism
           Government Monarchy Republic Revolution Russia Socialism Totalitarianism]

Communities (2) [Also see Cities Neighbors Society Togetherness]
Companies [See Business Corporations Partnerships]
Companions (11) [Also see Companionship Company Friends Visitors]
Companionship (23) [Also see Absence Acquaintances Associates Brotherhood Companions Company
           Familiarity Friends Friendship Help Loneliness Meeting Socializing Society Solitude
           Sympathy Visitors]

Company (14) [Also see Acquaintances Companions Companionship Conversation Visiting Visitors]
Comparison (57) [Also see Analogy Compensation Contrast Difference Equality Quality Similarity]
Compass Plant (1) [Also see Plants]
Compassion (18) [Also see Charity Clemency Gentleness Love Mercy Pardon Pity Sympathy Tenderness]
Compatibility [See Companionship]
Compendiousness [See Brevity Conciseness]
Compensation (37) [Also see Comparison Life Redemption Retribution Reward]
Competence (1) [Also see Ability Efficiency]
Competition (7) [Also see Defeat Losing Rivalry Sport Victory Winning]
Complacency (4) [Also see Adaptation Amiability Argument Cheerfulness Civility Compromise
           Courtesy Equanimity Good Breeding Good Nature Manners Obstinacy Pleasing Politeness

Complaining (19) [Also see Discontent Ill-nature Moroseness]
Complaisance [See Complacency]
Complexity (1) [Also see Difficulties Simplicity]
Compliance [See Docility]
Compliments (12) [Also see Applause Courtship Flattery Gallantry Insult Popularity Praise

Composers (4) [Also see Music Musicians]
Composition [See Writing]
Composure [See Calmness Equanimity]
Comprehension [See Understanding]
Compromise (3) [Also see Complacency Expediency Firmness Martyrs]
Compulsion [See Force]
Compulsiveness [See Activity]
Compunction [See Regret]
Computer Programming (2) [Also see Computer Software Computers Data]
Computer Software (2) [Also see Computer Programming Computers]
Computers (17) [Also see Calculation Computer Programming Computer Software Data Engineering
           Internet Machines Mathematics Technology]

Comradeship [See Companionship Socializing]
Concealment (5) [Also see Advertising Candor Conspiracy Disguise Dissimulation Equivocation
           Evasion Obscurity Reserve Secrecy Silence]

Conceit (67) [Also see Boasting Pretension Pride Self-love Self-praise Self-righteousness
           Selfishness Snobs Vanity]

Concentration (3) [Also see Attention]
Concern (2) [Also see Care Importance Interest Sympathy]
Concession [See Compromise]
Conciliation (3)
Conciseness (1) [Also see Brevity]
Conclusions (1) [Also see Answers Effects Endings]
Concord [See Union Unity]
Condemnation [See Censure]
Condensation [See Brevity]
Condescension [See Snobs]
Conditions [See Circumstance]
Condolence [See Sympathy]
Conduct (19) [Also see Behavior Manners Morality]
Conference [See Committees]
Confession (10) [Also see Conscience Reflection Reform Reformation Regret Religion Repentance
           Self-examination Truth]

Confidence (46) [Also see Address Assurance Belief Boldness Courage Credit Doubt Expectation
           Faith Hope Positiveness Presumption Security Self-reliance Trust]

Confirmation (3)
Conflict (1) [Also see Contention]
Conformity (9) [Also see Adaptation Agreement Custom Dissimilarity Harmony Similarity]
Confrontation (1)
Confusion (5) [Also see Chaos Disorder]
Congeniality [See Complacency]
Congo River (1) [Also see Africa Rivers]
Congratulations [See Compliments]
Congress [See Legislation Politicians]
Conjecture (2) [Also see Speculation]
Conquest (35) [Also see Defeat Glory Imperialism Soldiers Success Tyranny Victory War World Peace]
Conscience (223) [Also see Character Confession Contentment Depravity Guilt Honor Integrity
           Principles Reform Reformation Regret Remorse Repentance Right Self-examination Self-respect
           Shame Soul Virtue Voice]

Consciousness (2) [Also see Subconscious Unconsciousness]
Consecration (4)
Consent (1) [Also see Approval]
Consequences (3) [Also see End Results]
Conservation (7) [Also see Caution Consumption Economy Environment Erosion Forethought Frugality

Conservatism (6) [Also see Caution Conservatives Discretion Extremism Liberals Moderation
           Prudence Revolution]

Conservative (3) [Also see Broad-mindedness Liberal Narrow-mindedness Politicians]
Conservatives (3) [Also see Conservatism Liberals]
Consideration (6) [Also see Attention Caution Discretion Friendship Love Prudence Rashness
           Reason Reflection Study Thought]

Consistency (13) [Also see Character Constancy Firmness Inconsistency Reason Reputation]
Consolation (6) [Also see Comfort Encouragement Friendship Kindness Mourning Pity Sorrow
           Sympathy Tears]

Consolidation [See Concentration]
Conspicuous (2) [Also see Inconspicuous Obviousness]
Conspiracy (15) [Also see Bribery Candor Concealment Corruption Deceit Hypocrisy Intrigue
           Murder Mystery Rebellion Secrecy Treachery Treason War]

Constancy (37) [Also see Consistency Continuity Coquette Devotion Faith Fickleness Fidelity
           Firmness Friendship Honor Inconstancy Love Loyalty Mutability Patience Perseverance
           Resolution Steadfastness Treachery Truth]

Constitution (6) [Also see Law]
Constraint [See Force]
Construction (1) [Also see Building Destruction Interpretation]
Consumption (2) [Also see Conservation Waste]
Contemplation (10) [Also see Futurity Meditation Past Reflection Study Thought]
Contempt (34) [Also see Admiration Arrogance Criticism Disgrace Esteem Hatred Insult Jeering
           Prejudice Pride Reverence Ridicule Satire Scorn Sneer Snobs Worship]

Contention (27) [Also see Argument Challenge Conflict Contradiction Controversy Difference
           Discord Dissension Dueling Enemies Faction Fighting Opposition Peace Quarreling Quarrels
           Rivalry Strife War]

Contentment (151) [Also see Bliss Calmness Cheerfulness Comfort Conscience Delight Discontent
           Enjoyment Envy Happiness Heart Home Jealousy Moderation Peace Pleasure Repose Rest Satiety
           Satisfaction Solitude]

Continence [See Abstinence]
Continents [See Africa Asia Europe]
Continuity (1) [Also see Constancy Endurance Perpetuity]
Contracts (1) [Also see Law]
Contradiction (2) [Also see Agreement Argument Contention Contrast Denial Dissension Opposition

Contrast (17) [Also see Analogy Comparison Contradiction Equality Inconsistency]
Contrition [See Repentance]
Contrivance [See Artifice]
Control (6) [Also see Management Power Supervision]
Controversy (25) [Also see Argument Assertions Contention Discussion Opposition Talking]
Contumacy [See Defiance Obstinacy]
Contumely [See Abuse Insolence]
Convenience [See Expediency]
Conventional [See Custom Unconventional]
Conversation (111) [Also see Address Assertions Company Discussion Eloquence Gossip Language
           Linguists Oratory Repartee Silence Speech Story Telling Talk Talking Tongue Visiting
           Voice Wit Words]

Conversion (20) [Also see Christianity Doubt Religion]
Conviction (13) [Also see Belief Duty Loyalty Principles]
Conviviality [See Cheerfulness Companionship Desolation Drinking Eating Festivities Gaiety Good Humor Indulgence
           Jesting Meeting Sociability Society Wine and Spirits]

Convolvulus (1) [Also see Herbs]
Cookery (42) [Also see Appetite Cooking Eating Festivities Hunger Occupations]
Cooking (6) [Also see Appetite Cookery Diet Dinner Eating Food Hunger]
Cool [See Cold Heat]
Coolness [See Equanimity]
Cooperation (9) [Also see Friendship Help Participation Partnerships Teamwork Union Unity]
Copying [See Plagiarism Xerox]
Coquetry (14) [Also see Deceit Flirtation Women Wooing]
Coquette (33) [Also see Constancy Courtship Fickleness Flattery Gallantry Inconstancy]
Cordiality [See Amiability]
Cornerstone Laying (5)
Cornerstones [See Cornerstone Laying]
Corporations (5) [Also see Business Partnerships]
Correctness (1) [Also see Etiquette]
Correspondence (2) [Also see Letters]
Corroboration [See Evidence]
Corruption (31) [Also see Baseness Bribery Conspiracy Crime Dishonesty Fraud Gold Government
           Guilt Honesty Politics Pollution Public Trust Purity Reform Statesmanship Sun Treachery
           Vice Wickedness Wrong]

Cosmetics (1) [Also see Beauty Women]
Cost [See Bargain Price Value Worth]
Counsel (15) [Also see Admonition Advice Friendship Instruction Lawyers Precepts Prudence
           Reproof Teaching Warnings]

Countenance (6) [Also see Beauty Body Eyes Face Physiognomy]
Countries (6) [Also see America Austria Belgium China Cities Country Country Life Egypt England
           Europe France Germany Greece Ireland Islands Italy Middle East Nation Nationality Poland
           Russia Scotland Spain States Traveling Turkey]

Country (29) [Also see Agriculture Cities Countries Country Life Earth Environment Farming

Country Life (15) [Also see Agriculture Animals Cities Countries Country Flowers Nature Traveling

Couples (1) [Also see Husbands Wives]
Courage (188) [Also see Audacity Boldness Bravery Chivalry Confidence Cowardice Daring Fear
           Firmness Fortitude Heroes Heroism Martyrdom Nerve Panic Perseverance Rashness Resolution
           Soldiers Spirit Valor War]

Court (12) [Also see Aristocracy Ceremony Courtiers Flattery Gallantry Kings]
Courtesy (49) [Also see Chivalry Civility Complacency Friendship Gentlemen Gentleness Grace
           Incivility Insult Manners]

Courtiers (8) [Also see Ancestry Aristocracy Ceremony Court Flattery Gallantry Kings Nobility

Courts (2) [Also see Judges Juries Law Lawyers Testimony Trials]
Courtship (50) [Also see Affection Attention Compliments Coquette Flattery Gallantry Kisses
           Love Marriage Proposals Romance Vows Wooing]

Covetousness (44) [Also see Acquirement Avarice Desire Envy Gain Gold Jealousy Lust Mammon
           Misers Money Riches Selfishness Wealth]

Cowardice (39) [Also see Boldness Bravery Caution Challenge Courage Cowards Despair Dueling
           Fear Fortitude Panic Soldiers Valor War Weakness]

Cowards (52) [Also see Cowardice Despair Dueling Fear Soldiers War Weakness]
Cowboys [See Cows]
Cows (8) [Also see Animals Bulls Cattle Mammals]
Cowslips (13) [Also see Flowers]
Coxcomb (9) [Also see Affectation Dandy Dullness Fools Ignorance]
Coyness [See Bashfulness]
Craft (4) [Also see Cunning]
Creation (44) [Also see Chaos Evolution Gold History Life Nature Progress World]
Creativity (12) [Also see Imagination]
Creator [See God]
Credence [See Belief]
Credit (12) [Also see Banks Borrowing Business Confidence Creditors Debt Finance Lending Money
           Reputation Trust Worth]

Creditors (4) [Also see Credit]
Credulity (39) [Also see Belief Doubt Faith Gullibility Ignorance Innocence Liars Lies Lying
           Simplicity Superstition Trust]

Creed (7) [Also see Belief Christianity Faction Opinion Precepts Principles Religion Sects

Crete (1) [Also see Europe Islands]
Crime (94) [Also see Baseness Bribery Civil Disobedience Corruption Criminals Dishonesty Error
           Evil Fraud Guilt Judges Judgment Justice Knavery Law Lawyers Mischief Murder Offense
           Poison Prison Punishment Retribution Robbery Sin Suicide Temptation Thieving Treachery
           Treason Vice Victims Villainy Virtue Wickedness Wrong]

Criminals (2) [Also see Crime Crooks Thieves]
Crisis (5)
Criticism (105) [Also see Accusation Authorship Books Calumny Censure Contempt Critics Detraction
           Journalism Literature Opinion Plagiarism Poetry Praise Publishing Quotations Reading
           Reproof Ridicule Sarcasm Satire Style]

Critics (74) [Also see Criticism]
Crocodiles (1) [Also see Animals]
Crocuses (2) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Crooks (1) [Also see Criminals Thieves]
Cross (27) [Also see Christ Christ (Saviour) Christianity Death of Christ Resurrection of Christ]
Crowd (2) [Also see Mob People]
Crowns (1) [Also see Kings Royalty]
Crows (7) [Also see Birds]
Cruelty (36) [Also see Abuse Animal Cruelty Brutes Clemency Gentleness Humanity Inhumanity
           Injury Insolence Kindness Malice Meanness Mercy Oppression Pain Persecution Pity Punishment
           Retaliation Revenge Tenderness Tyranny Unkindness Violence War Wounds Wrong]

Crying (3) [Also see Tears Weeping]
Cuckoos (18) [Also see Birds]
Culinary [See Cookery Cooking Eating]
Cult [See Creed Religion]
Cultivation (7) [Also see Appreciation Civilization Culture Delicacy Education Elegance Growth
           Ignorance Refinement Sensibility Taste]

Culture (37) [Also see Cultivation Custom Jews People]
Cunning (38) [Also see Artifice Calculation Craft Deceit Dullness Knavery Subtlety]
Cupid (12)
Cupidity [See Avarice]
Cure (1) [Also see Disease Drugs Health Medicine Mind Physicians Quackery Sickness]
Curiosity (70) [Also see Busybodies Discovery Exploration Indifference Inquisitiveness Questions
           Research Secrecy Speculation Wonder]

Curses (18) [Also see Abuse Apparitions Ghosts Oaths Praise Profanity Spirits Superstition
           Threats Witches]

Cursory [See Obviousness Superficiality]
Curtness [See Ill-nature]
Custom (60) [Also see Adaptation Conformity Culture Etiquette Fashion Habit Innovation Manners
           Precedent Society Tradition]

Cynicism (13) [Also see Cynics]
Cynics (3) [Also see Cynicism Misanthropy Pessimism Sneer Unbelief]
Cypress (1) [Also see Trees]

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